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Not amused

Poor choice of victim, Mr. Vampire

Buffy and Dawn belong to Joss Whedon
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Yeah! Exactly! What a beautiful scene- really promising as a fanfiction idea!
Going after the Slayer's kid sister is basically the vampire equivalent of the Darwin Awards.
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Yeah! No Kidding! Course if Dawn went off with him, she's going to have some degree of a 'discussion' with her big sis about "boyfriend choices"!
Now that has me thinking up stories!
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Heh, Buffy is so gonna beat him up.
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Of course, she loves her kid sister and is spooked by this fellow going after her!
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"You're PARKING?!? WITH A VAMPIRE?!? You are in SO much trouble when we get home!"
love it love it love it
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Big Sis Buffy is very unpleased with silly vampire
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Buffy is Not Amused in capitol letters.
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"Um... Look, Slayer, this isn't what it looks like, okay? I was just showing your kid sister home!"

"Do I look like I care either way?"

"Um... oops?" *poof*
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I really like this. Your style is outstanding. Love Dawn's outfit too. Great colors.
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i'm freaking out for this series!!!!!!
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LOL my girlfriend and I are currently watching the crap out of this show on netflix~ well done!
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That's very funny ^^
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dawn looks so adorable!
happy birthday gabby! :iconpinkiepartyplz:
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I knew it was Buffy without even seeing the description! I love this!
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LOL!! This was my FAV episode lol!!
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Actually, Buffy and Dawn (unfortunately) belong to Warner Brothers. But I love this!
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