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New Young Justice

I can dream, right?

Based on coffeedream's designs > [link]

Chris Kent as Superboy
Milagro Reyes as Green Lantern
Colin Wilkes as Crusader
Nell as Batgirl
Lian Harper as Little Red
Irey West as Impulse
Jai West as Haste
Damian Wayne as Robin

All characters belong to DC.
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Nice work Love this concept especially Milagro

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I like how you drew Milagro
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The important thing to focus on here is that Lian is alive!
Good picture, but I kind of prefer Jai and Iris as they were originally conceived, with Iris's primary power being phasing and Jai as a mini-Hulk.
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I like Irey as the new Impulse.
Not me. I liked Wally's kids having different powers than their father.
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But... They had Speed Force related powers just like Wally. It was just that their powers wer underdeveloped.
Irey's main power was phasimg,by VIBRATING her molecules, similar to how other Flash's do it. Jai's, however was kind of unique, being able to accelerate his muscle growth to gain super strength, essentially making him The Speed Force gives different people different abilities, like how Johnny Quick and his daughter Jessie were able to fly when they reached escape velocity. Wally actually tried to do it once, but it simply did not work for him. And Wally also cannot vibrate through solid objects without making them explode.
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love it, and I love the gender equality of this team, you normally don't see that in teams really, love Milagro
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You're stuff is absolutely amazing, and I love this idea. :D
I can't ask for anymore in a YJ team except Mar'i just for kicks! So, awesome job. This entire thing just astounds me.
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I like this, although I have to ask, why have so many heavy hitters on one team?
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Need a female teen lantern in Young Justice.
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Everyone is all smiling and excited and then there's Damian.
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I have to say Crusader is a better name than Abuse for Colin, Crusader sounds more heroic. Abuse (i'd make a pun here but it's not a name to joke about)
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Would of been better with the inclusion of Arthur Jr, and Kid Devil
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For people Asking About Who the Characters are:

-Chris Kent as Superboy: Chris Kent is the adoptive son of Superman and Lois Lane who is the biological son Lor-Zod and his wife. 

-Milagro Reyes as Green Lantern: Milagro is Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes younger sister

-Colin Wilkes as Crusader: Colin is a character who was known as Abuse back in Batman Series, he is Damien Wayne's friend 

-Nell as Batgirl: Nell is a supporting character in Stephanie Brown's Batgirl run

-Lain Harper as Little Red: Lian is the daughter of the Hero Arsenal/Red Arrow and Cheshire

-Jai West as Haste and Irey West as Haste and Impulse: Irey and Jai are the twin children of Wally West, who was The Flash and Kid-Flash

-Damian Wayne as Robin: Damian Wayne is the Son of Batman and Talia Al Ghoul 

The more you know
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add Helena Wayne ( I don't FUCKIN' care that she's earth two yj is earth 16 she and Damian can be the same age) to the mix and you have the team for my fic.
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And now I know... and knowing is half the battle.
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Talia Al Ghul*?
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Milagro actualy gets to be Green Lantern and their speedsters! holy shit i have no idea about this fandom
This is so EPIC
FridgeTravellerBS's avatar
Wow,this is Amazing!
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