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Naruto 497 crack
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Published: June 3, 2010
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Poor Kyuubi.

All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.


For the ones that are wondering, that's Kushina. If you are wondering WHY she is there, read the last chapter XD

*edit two*

Itachi is there because he shoved his crow down Naruto's throat.

...that sounded wrong.
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ShoClaymoreHobbyist General Artist
And with the completed series, it was agreed that Naruto's head was now the official meeting place for all the freed Bijuu and that Kurama is the official meeting place guardian.

Naruto, your head is ultimately a community center.
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Now add Ashura, Hagoromo, and all the other Biju. Party in the house! Everyone's invited!
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JuliJuliJuliYayHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait I swear Sasuke went into narutos head at some point... *rereads the manga to check*
waaaaaaahhhhh kabutooooooooo why do you have to have such a sad backstoryyyyyy...

Maybe I shouldn't have reread the manga... Seeing as how I'm now an emotional wreck from revisiting all the feels...
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Wynterhawke07Hobbyist Writer

And now we can replace Itachi and his crow with Asura and the Sage of Six Paths. XD
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Now if Ino mind-transfer-jutsu'd into Naruto's mind the mayhem would be perfect.
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KentaRaikiriHobbyist Digital Artist
it took me half a second to get this. And I laughed the moment I got it. How many people CAN cram into Naruto's head?
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I love how you said that "Itachi is there because he shoved a crow down naruto's throat" XD

And of course Kurama
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To many people lol:happybounce: La la la la 
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that last line did sound wrong
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Ain't no party like a crowded brain party?
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ZunachinaStudent General Artist
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SupremeDarkQueenHobbyist General Artist
Hahahahaha!!! Awesome.
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Welp You should just have a party down at the Kyubi's Place
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Itachi: I'm just here for the peace and quiet.

Kyuubi: What the hell are you talking about?

Itachi: Compared to dealing with my emo, duck-butted head, whiny little brother, this is nothing.

Kyuubi: I see....
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dream4ever12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Naruto is the biggest Uke ever
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AshinonarakaHobbyist Artist
Wao......too many people, so little time.....
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bunnyredHobbyist Digital Artist
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Is Itachi petting the crow? I love the expressions XD
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