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Naruto 448 crack

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I bet Konan is as tired of this as we are XD

All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

Brushes ([link]) by :iconxcassiex24:
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Tired of stupid ass redemptions? Oh how much we are! Poor Sasuke is going to get one too... D<
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Only after he gets his stupid bishie ass beaten down first. I am hoping Sakura snaps out of the genjutsu and punts him into LEO range. :)
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So do I but I don't trust Kishi on it. He is bad at writing female charas remember. We need a bigger Sakura role in here and I am going to be sad if it isn't but i am not the one to decide.
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Kishis did a great job for the RTN movie story, and for those manga arcs where a female character takes the central position. :) We are probably going to be disappointed for the last fight, though. I have some hope for the Last Shippuden Movie though. Please 
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The Sasori arc was brilliant indeed!
The last fight is going to be exclusively about Nardo and Sasugay's (I like to call them names, I don't necessarily dislike them, Sauce is fine actually) gay feelings for each other and the planing of the end of the world! scratch that THE NEW WORLD (~a whole new world~... yeah imagine them on the flying carpet...)
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BTW I think the Last Movie has just met expectations. ;)
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xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I love the rainbow at the end :D
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A new religion has start folks and thus the uzumaki bibe was born thanks to a pervy old man Jiraiya. XD
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I love how Konan is basically you explaining why this comic's story has turned to such a badly written fanfiction.
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Nagato's happy face:iconmonkeylaughplz:
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Poor Konan, if someone really got the short end of the stick, it would be her. In any case, I had similar thoughts when I first saw that debacle, that was one sick piece of work. Wtf is this? A hippies dream with love and peace? I say screw that!
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Kishimoto is making Naruto unbelievably annoying with all his CONVERT TO THE RELIGION OF NARUTO-WORSHIPPING stuffs.
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That is awesome lol!!!
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lol! i love your ideas your lines your colorings
plz make more!
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You make the funniest comics! Really!
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Lol, these are hilarious!
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i honestly don't think the age orientation should change things like this. i dont know why it's a big deal for some people. :|

really funny comic, though.
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