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Lunch break

Lineart by :iconvegigi:

I decided to colour this not only because the lineart is lovely, but because it reminded me why I used to love Naruto so much.

I miss this :(

Ok, just in case, my personal interpretation:

- Gaara, pissed because Temari couldn't get mexican food for him
- Temari, annoyed because Gaara is a taco freak and he won't eat her beloved chinese food.
- Tenten, enjoying her burger and trying to ignore the crazies.
- Chouji, clearly amused by the crazies.
- Shikamaru just thinks this is too troublesome.
- Naruto, jealous because Kiba's... burger is bigger than his sammich.
- Akamaru being freaking adorable.
- Kiba, being hot.
- Sakura, annoyed at Ino because she didn't return her shirt after using it last night.
- Ino, annoyed because Sakura also forgot her panties last night.
- Sasuke, pissed because people won't let him drink his milk in peace.
- Neji, chilling and reading "Fate > You"
- Kankuro with his apple.
- Hinata and her very organized bento.
- Shino enjoying his grape juice.

All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.
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TakiArte's avatar
Absolutely love it with every detail :D I died with your interpretation xD
i just love how Hinata is casually sitting next to Shino, both a little bit but noticeably separated from everyone else.. (///////) great work
17Rara's avatar
i love this! it's odd seeing naruto sitting apart from sasuke.
FindingWarmth's avatar
"Fate > You" = Best title ever. (Hell yeah, Sasuke! Milk is frickin' amazing!)
linalimao's avatar
Shino always alone Meow :3 i love it!
TheIndianGhost's avatar
So awesome! Love it!
SpibblesDoodles's avatar
Samy-Consu's avatar
very fantastic!!
badhairday211's avatar
Hahaha! Love it! :)
Warthog-Flammarion's avatar
carmenaelah's avatar
this really epic.
emerden101's avatar
captured the spirit completely XD
NinjaKittenFedora's avatar
What is wrong with you Sai isn't in deh picture D: (a little disappointed)
monaluh1's avatar
SasuSaku993's avatar
I like your interpretation. Also is it just me or does it look like Sakura is about to fall off?
Wiiel's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwwwww !!!! perfect !
Angel3575's avatar
AWWWWWWWWWWWh hinata isnt near naruto. but still loving this :squee:
I love it! but Ino and sasura is..
Knockouter's avatar
Very nice, love how the sand ninjas have different uniforms almost didn't recognize puppet dude
deeadany44's avatar
Oh,Poor Gaara & Shikamaru .
Love their shoes <3 lol
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