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New Avatar series and the main character is a girl! *___*

The only picture that was released is of her back, so this is probably inaccurate XD

I'm excited! 8D

Texture [link] by :iconthe-dana:

Korra belongs to Bryke


Yes, new Avatar series. More info here > [link]
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excitement turned into disappointment

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Gotta admit your shocked at how right you were?
Bleach bending...
Korra is brown.
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term is tan....very insulting
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I hate it when POC activists/strong believers/ people go all priest on others. And I'm a freakin' Person of color!! :shrug:
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wow took you months to try and an attack me
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Who's attacking you? I was making a statement. Anybody can see that I didn't say "YOU BASTARD FUCK OFF ect" That would be attacking, which I obviously didn't do.
So sensitive.
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No just saying, this was in July...and its almost October...
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Funnily enough, this actually looks a lot like Korra after they released pictures of her front ;P
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Oh hey, that looks like my new Fbk profile pic ;)
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super excited for a strong female protagonist :)
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This is epic!
And I'm excited for the whole new avatar series thing but I'm super ticked that they gave Katara and Aang a son!!

(Is a Zuko x Katara worshipper)
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just seen her picture lol you got it pretty accurate, great job i cant wait for the show
well done!through in official pic korra seems to be somehow...manly:doh:
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i like this avatar is pretty and sexy
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OHMAHGAWD. I remember watching the first episode of the first series... and the EPIC FINALE movie. I can't wait for this to come out!
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Ooh, pretty awesome drawing. xD
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Here via QualityFanArt. Wonderful!
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Looks like it came from the show.
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*fangirl screach so loud only dogs can hear it*
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Oh wow, nice!
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