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So I was doing some anatomy practice using models as a reference and I ended up drawing Donna. But she was sitting on air. So I thought, what could Donna be sitting on?

And then came Kory to the rescue 8D

Both characters belong to DC
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Oh great job! I love how you drew donna along with Kory keep up the awesome work
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Starfire's hair can do anything....
Catloverlsal's avatar
Yes, yes it can.
You should do a picture of Donna and Nightwing together, because they're perfect for each other.
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Donna and Kory have the most epic hair. Dick must have some kind of hair fetish he doesn't know about. That and bondage. He can combine the two with Starfire . . . xD
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very nice work!
FlyingGrayson0922's avatar
Your art style is so adorable :)
penguin-freak's avatar
Oh man this is perfect
TheOnlyGrayson's avatar
I wanna sit on Kory's hair!!!
LevyRasputin's avatar
this is simply fantastic and glorious like Kory's hair... <33333333333333
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Ah! It's really original! I like the idea!
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i thought that's starfire O_o
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That's convenient.
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LOL you would XDDDD
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Ahhh, the 80s hair...or was it earlier still? XD
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kory has the best hair
I remember 3 or 4 years ago when I used to follow the naruto manga I saw your fanart

and god DAMN you've improved!
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You, milady, are made of strange.
gabzillaz's avatar
I'll take that as a compliment 8D
fedoraStorm's avatar
Why would it be anything but?
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