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HP - The other trio

I really wanted to read what they were doing while the golden trio was having fun in the camping trip.

I bet it would have been badass. :iconbadassplz:

Ginny, Neville and Luna belong to J. K. Rowling
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That is the Silver Trio

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Dang I just love these three so much Neville is my favorite character, Luna is my inspiration, and Ginny is just UGH amazing I mean how can you not love these three?!?
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Nice :D I love so much those three characters!
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These three would definitely make for an interesting story, they definitely do not mirror Harry, Ron, and Hermione in any way, they are definitely their own characters. You can wonder what would happen if Neville was the Chosen One instead...would Hermione and Ron back him up, would he fall for Ginny or Luna?
Before I get too rambly, the art is great. Neville's expression is a bit blank, but Ginny looks so smart and watchful it's just perfect. Their outfits are also wonderful, I like that you didn't make Ginny and Luna have the same uniform, it sets them apart as characters more.
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wow!!!I love this!!!you're great!!!!!
Aka The Better Trio! Hogwarts would have fallen in a second in the final battle if not for these 3!
Came to recommend Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction (on but it looks like steepedinwords beat me to the punch.

I love their expressions here. All of them fit brilliantly.
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I would sa that this really is :iconbadassplz: and :iconiloveitplz: !!!!!!
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Great picture! And I would so read that book :)
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There's a fic called Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness on, which is basically about what the Other Trio and the students still at Hogwarts got up to during that year. It's worth a read.
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This is a brilliant idea! Sure, I've given it some thought (what were they doing?!) but I've never seen it presented so cleanly! This illustration is so fun to look at... great work!
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Ginny looks kick ass here!
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Thw silver trio. Ginny looks cute and has a badass vibe,neville cute and luna is perfect
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I love this :) You draw them all very well, and I wish we knew more about their adventures! They're so awesome
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*too badass for words*
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ginny has badass written all over her face
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this is the best silver trio pic i've seen! Good job!
I love these guys. Neville is my bitch. If he were real I'd use tha forbidden curse to MAKE HIM MARRY ME.
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Neville would have been able to kill Voldemort in four books.
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And less people would die!
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there's a fanfiction for that on I believe its called 'dumbledores army: the dark days' or some such. excellent work!
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