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Gotham Girls

So I wanted to do something with Cass, Steph using the style of the animated Batman. Ended up with this.

The colors used in Steph’s suit are inspired by a cute little bird called Starling > [link]

Gargoyle > [link]

Both characters belong to DC.
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Move over dynamic duo, it's the Gotham dream team!
love these two
This looks a bit more like the version "The Batman"
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LOVE IT!! i dont know if you take requests, and please do not feel like you need to, but could you do more steph and cass please? I love both of these characters a lot!
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I post most of my batman fanart in tumblr, I have more pics of them there :)
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Amazing.. *Swoon*
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Gosh, I really loved the little Gotham Girls flash animations. (not sure if there is any relation here, I was just reminded of it...)

I haven't read too many comics with Steph in them, but your drawings really make me want to do just that.
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I love them!!! Damn you DC and your reboot!!!
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I love these two! I can't believe they of all people were axed from New 52!!! Long Live Steph and Cass!
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Wonderful artwork
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Steph looks so adorable!~
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Want more of these two!
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I love Steph's redesign, and that it was based on a bird is perfect. (And thanks for the pic a Starling--what amazing coloring!) Have I mentioned I really like your Cass+Steph? I love how Steph's body language is open but Cass's is closed, Steph is all teeth but Cass is a small smile, Steph's pupils are visible but Cass's are blanked out--and yet, they still fit together so well. Thank you!
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loooove the colors here.
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Nice! I love the design for Steph's suit.
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Just lovely. I really, really enjoy your Cass and Steph artwork. Would love to see you do a full-fledged comic of the two sometime. And this is a very nice Spoiler redesign!
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