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Colored yssa's lovely lineart for More Than Human.

PPG belongs to Craig McCracken
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like dude i love you,

this is so amazingly done! 

i love buttercup as well!
Heart Heart Heart 
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This is wonderful! The colors are so vibrant and fit them all so perfectly!
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just how i imagin them
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You're an excellent pro, i allways admired your work.
Oh the work is awesome btw. I love that you kept their colors and significant clothing ID while expressing them as individuals. Blossom's bows. Bubble's pigtails, Buttercup's short hair. (on another note I wonder if shorthair concedes with how evil or the closer to evil that you'll become hmm). The boys look great as well. Bick's hat, Boomer's I could be innocent look, and Butch's hair with that pose. Simply Wicked. I get a good feel for each character especially the girls. I guess you could say I love it like all your work. It's funny that nnone of them would plan it(only Bubbles),but they would automatically color coordinate. 
I know it's selfish but I feel like you don't draw enough. Bless me with your work!Lolz
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this is really amazing, i love your soft and bright coloring, well done!:D
Great work. I really like the designs and you drew them all with very nice body language and expressions that fit with their character.
Well done!
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I didn't drew it, I just colored it :)
Oh, I'm sorry. I really need to learn to read the comments carefully before I write anything. Thanks.
Then nice coloring to you, I like the bright and clean feeling to it all.
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No problem :) Thank you
Buttercup looks so badass!!!!
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I love it! So beautiful. You guys are talented!
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Love PPG's. Buttercup was my favorite.
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For some reason I thought this was Tiger and Bunny, don't ask me why XD.
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