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Everybody loves Alfred

Batman’s Batman. Flawless character. Best Parent ever.

I want an Alfred.

All characters belong to DC.
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Who doesnt love Alfred he is Alfred.

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The Joker: Dawww, what a nice family photo. Hmm... but there's something missing, but what could it be? Oh, that's right! Me! *hysterical laughing that slowly turns into hysterical crying*

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Bruce, I don't see you hugging Alfred.
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Aww, that's so sweet.
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Agree! We need more Alfred! 
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Alfred is the main man of the Batman family.
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From left to right, there is Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Richard (Dick) Grayson, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and of course, Bruce Wayne (Batman)
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Albert is THE Boss. He kept/keeps Batman alive. 
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Ooops I did it again! LOL Alfred XD I tend to mix Albert with Alfred. 
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Haha! No problem. x)
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don't we all want an Alfred?
he's epic.
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Batman is seriously the only character in the dc universe who can get away with adopting everyone
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All the biggest questions in the universe can be answered with one word: Alfred.
Also I love Steph she's so cute. I adore your style of drawing. Plus baby!Damian isn't trying to kill anyone!   'nuff said
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he can maak batman smile that a real superpower
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Thank you, Alfred!! You`re are the  real hero!
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Alfred is the real batman.
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I have a smile. A genuinely good feels smile. Thank you for this.

:D Family.
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if i had an Alfred i would hug him all the time to
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I want an Alfred now.
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