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Big Damn Heroes

You can't take the skies from me

Tribute to one of the best shows ever. I miss it. :(

Textures by :iconflowersong: :icondelya: and :iconainohanako:

Firefly and all characters belong to Joss Whedon.
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Yes they all are. B-) (Cool) Excellent take on all the people looking for serenity. Clap 
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The first is Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood, no ?
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Wow this it great, especially Wash.
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This is by far the best cartoon renditions of the crew that I've seen so far :D
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love. love. love it :heart:
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The 10th anniversary marathon was on Science Channel.
I had never seen Firefly before.
I am now hooked.
Hopelessly so.
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This is amazing... The characters look wonderful, and a little on the cute side. I was really glad that you have different face shapes for each of the characters :)
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*nods* I dunno how hey justify having only one season of THIS awesomeness, when there have been, what, 12 seasons of Three and a Half Men? *Shakes head*

I love your Kaylee, she looks so cute!
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One of the best? This is the best show of all time!!! All your drawings of the characters are amazing. I love all of it.
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Don't know what series this is, but I like the look of the the girl with the green background and the girl in the red dress. They both look very pretty! =3
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This is Firefly. It's a sci-fi series written by Joss Whedon that WAS on Fox until they cancelled it. (And on that day my heart made the sound of ultimate suffering.) There are fourteen episodes and one movie, called Serenity. It is freaking awesome and you should definitely look it up and watch it all. It only takes 12 hours to watch it all in one sitting.
The one with the green background is Zoe and the one in the red dress is Inara. They are both amazing people, two of my favorite characters. But seriously, just watch the show.
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Thank you for the answer! =)
Honestly, I googled it after I wrote my comment, so meanwhile I know a little about it. ^^
But it sounds pretty interesting - maybe I have time to see it in winter months. =D
I'm a receptionist in a hotel, so I don't have a lot of leisure at summer and autumn ('cause it's the time of to much overtime). :/
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There will be no great mini series than this: Jane and his priceless hats.
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The ballad of Jayne and Vera
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well this had 666 comments sooo...yeah XD and the art is awesome BTW :D
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Incredible. My gosh, a Firefly anime would be amazing!
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This showed up in my facebook feed. I'd just like to say that it's FANTASTIC <3
This is great, but Mal looks pre-war. A little to fresh faced and innocent. Still gorram shiny pic though.
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There are no words for how badly I want this to actually be a thing.

Saturday Morning Firefly. I'd watch it so hard and love it forever.
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who are they?btw i love it!
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