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Inspired by this drabble by kitty

Steph is all wise

From left to right: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Tim Drake and Bruce Wayne.

All characters belong to DC.
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Wow, I remember that fic! and that beautiful picture accompanying it:D

dam steff tell us how you really feel
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That was funny as hell.
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That was hilarious, well done.
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Haha! Girls stick together.
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oh god that is just to good!!! i am laughing my head off!! great work on this!
brigetmigets-adopts's avatar
dont mind me im just tagging myself so i can fav this 


poofs into cloud of smoke 
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I died. Just died. 
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OMG she is so savage!
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More like Bruce is a Fatcat... otherwise total awesome. Damian's expression is hilarious.
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Jason "Screw You"
*Tries to steal shoe*
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The Batfamily to his (their?) best... It's so fun and so nicely done!
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Jason is NOT a dirty hobo. Damian is maybe half true. He can be a birch at times.
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what hope would they have against Bruce? xDDD he's the fricking CEO of W-E
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Penis joke just like it
im not sure steph would act like this '-'
EliBurrySchnepp's avatar
IDK, she can be pretty sassy
khalilfrederick's avatar
But what about Barbara.
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Referee, making sure none of the boys tries to cheat 
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