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Batgirl tribute

I was going to wax poetically about my neverending love for this book and the people behind it, but then I realized I have no words to describe how much it meant and means to me.

Thank you.

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Which Batgirl run was this? 
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Batgirl and friends <3
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The Steph/Kara BFFs thing was the one thing I didn't like that much about that Batgirl series. Because we all know their hearts belong to their respective Cassies. 
I love this comic series to. Shame it had to end. But this is really cool. I love it. I love your art. Batfam rocks. :)
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I really like this, it's cute and shows that you loved the book. The current DCU definitely needs more Supergirl/Batgirl teamups.
pigsinablanket's avatar
im such a n00b i know all the others, but who are the 2 on the left?
AlianaFireheart's avatar
Well, I know one is Klarion the Witch Kid... but I don't know who the girl is. /issomethingofanoobtoo
I adored this book, I understand where you're coming from and this picture just captures so much love!
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I miss this. The Squire, Stephy brown, even the Witch Boy. And then Barry had to go and funk up reality. Splendid.
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I can't believe I haven't faved this yet...anyhow, I love all the expression and personality in everyone's poses.
Alexwind's avatar
ah!! =D wow very beautiful
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You have no idea how much your art has made me love Stephanie :heart:
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Ditto. The whole reason I found out about her and wanna know her story now if thanks to your art. :highfive:

So this is a thank you to a book DC put out? Looks like a fantastic group.
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You have no idea how happy that makes me :heart:
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cute supergirl!
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I agree, and am fav'ing the crap out of this. It's so lovely, and cute, and simple and stylish. I'm gonna miss this series so much!!
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I'm going to miss Batgirl Steph. But at least she still exists post-reboot.
aidah15's avatar
your style just keeps on getting better and better
originalninjajesus's avatar
Why do o have the odd feeling that Miley cyrus will be offered the part of batgirl if a movie with batgirl in it comes out?
mizuki-nee-chan's avatar
NNNOOOO!!!! let your instincts be wrong!!
originalninjajesus's avatar
I KNOW!!!! She's such a bad actor and she's really annoying Dx please let someone else be batgirl!!
mizuki-nee-chan's avatar
Please let Babs be the bat-girl, and use some one else!
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