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By gabzillaz
Something I did for school.

I always wanted to do a progress pic. Well, technically this is not a progress pic, but well XD

I had one with all the cartoons/anime that inspired me... but it was huge. No, seriously.

I was listening to "Eye of the Tiger", "The Magnificent Seven", "Disco Lies" and other random stuff while doing this XD

Please don't use without permission.


omg Daily Deviation thank you so much!
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It's beautiful!!!!
Love the story! Well told and wonderfully creative :) 
Genial. Muy bueno tu desarrollo artístico.
Konsu4's avatar
Amazing and beautiful!!
pinklemonade55's avatar
This is really pretty and creative!!
Sequelshipping4ever's avatar
Angel3575's avatar
i love this. is she suppose to be you?
ShiinaNM's avatar
this is inspirational :) I just browse all your works! really admire you
ProfessorLawl's avatar
Wow, this looks awesome. You Rock.
Rizzo-chan's avatar
hey gabz, it's starr, Imma use this, don't get mad. love ya
Kyattonippu's avatar
It`s cute and sweet) it makes me happy! ^^=
in two words - awesome work!
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Kawaiii desu!! Me encanta
tubbie11's avatar
it's beautiful!!!!!!!
yay its Paris! its so cute and detailed. i personaly find your DC famillies pics rokin'! espessialy the batman familly ones
braen's avatar
This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen lately!! I adore it!
Pylott's avatar
This is really cool.
My5tic-Lali's avatar
this is awesome!
Quick-Step's avatar
This really is the coolest progression ever!
claton36's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!
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