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I was having a question to myself days ago

As I mentioned in a status post, I have 2 accounts where I separate the main (@gaby-sunflower) and nsfw (@the-sassy-sunflower) contents respectively.

But I am not feeling like that to handle with two accounts for separate bc sometimes I want draw sexy stuff (like lingerie, swimsuits, etc.) and possible to some can be suggestive (despite to not show completly nudity to be part of other account). And makes me worry for what watermark use and sometimes make me have headaches.

So I was thinking if I should not use the @The-Sassy-Sunflower account (no worry I will not deactivate it, just I could not post more art there) and post the nsfw stuff in my main account as I used to do time ago (when I used to be xxGaby-23xx time ago) and of course, with the usual precautionary measures with the censorship and the strict mature content filter. The only thing could change is using my main account watermark instead different ones accorded the content.

I want give a warning:

It's your responsability where you are going, you are not obligated to watch this type of content if it's not your cup of tea. So you can perfectly go back where you came from and following another path.

Which it's your opinion guys?

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If managing 2 accounts is too hard, then just use 1 account. I could have also done that too but it was too much for me due to other commitments.

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I understand how you feel, it can be rather difficult controlling two accounts and if it makes it easier for you, you can publish your mature drawings in your original account as well as your normal drawings. So in other words, go for it :thumbsup:

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Swimsuits and saucy bedroom attire mostly doesn't equal NSFW necessarily, so I say give it a shot.

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Give it a shot? What you mean?

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I'm saying try uploading pics that aren't flat out NSFW on your main profile to see if you're comfortable with doing it.

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I would be ok showing my nsfw stuff here, its just for my followers to make understand about this fact. And if they are not into that content, ofc they are not obligated to watch it and check the normal studd

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Honestly, I think you should keep uploading NSFW works on your other account.

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Bueno, honestamente eso de tener más de una cuenta puede ser un poco difícil de controlar, además de que, viendo la situación que está DA, por el Eclipse y de que tu cuenta normal sea más reconocida que tu cuenta NSFW, siento que sería una buena opción que publiques tu contenido maduro y NSFW en tu cuenta normal, pero bueno, esta es solo mi opinión.

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