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Rough Fanfiction Draft
    An alarm blares over 6 particular speakers. Steward speakers. An angry voice updates them about a Ward breakout. The units make no hesitations, a directive pinned to their minds, ready to capture some rebels. One at a time, at perfect intervals, in perfect order, certain Stewards leave their dens as their trackers told them exactly where the defectives were.
    The tens of defects made a sharp turn and come to a sudden stop noticing the athletic units, while throwing Wallace towards them. They paused, making little to no sound. “Meep’”, Jasper uttered nervously.
    The Stewards had their arms behind themselves, the backs almost perfectly vertical, their faces so neutral, they appear to lose their sentience.
    Unlike the rejects, their attire was placed on rather appropriately. All wore deep long black business pants, black sneakers, Colour coded jackets, depending on their Steward rank. Properly knotted ties perfectly al
:icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 0
Basic Steward Watercolour by GabuTheWolf54 Basic Steward Watercolour :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 3 0 Lots of Kosperrys! by GabuTheWolf54 Lots of Kosperrys! :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 6 4 A Good Boi by GabuTheWolf54 A Good Boi :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 4 0 Steward Blanket by GabuTheWolf54 Steward Blanket :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 3 2 Stewards Crossing Sign by GabuTheWolf54 Stewards Crossing Sign :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 3 0 BubblePup Sketch W.I.P. by GabuTheWolf54 BubblePup Sketch W.I.P. :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 10
My Personal Cars Theory (W.I.P.)
My personal Cars (Pixar) Theory (Spoilers for Wall-E, Cars, and Ready Player One)
Not I detest it, but I do highly disagree with MatPat’s Theory of the Disney/Pixar Cars universe. I find it really unlikely that actual vital organs can be packed in an artificial mechanical body, even if it’s as “simple” as a car itself. How would the organs function? How did the organs get there? These and more would be my questions to the Film Theorist himself.
Unlike what most people believe, I do think humans still exist in the Cars world. Like what MatPat said, there are evidence of human existence from the past, from Italy to Tokyo of famous building structure and our spoken languages still exists. However, if the language and others were to still thrive and be strong at that time, humans are somewhere in those workings. Where could they be you may ask, why they still stuck in the cars of course!
I do also agree with the Pixar timeline theory, sort of, in which Cars takes pl
:icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 2
Wall-E Humanized: Names and their units
Wallace Burtt - WALL-E
Bernardo Guerrero - Autopilot
Evelyn Knight - EVE
Morris Anthony - M-O
Jasper D’Agostino - VAQ-M (Defective)
Garrett Scarborough - GO-4
Devon Aditya - HAN-S (Defective)
Bryce Ramstone - BRL-A (Defective)
Peter Vanderbilt - BURN-E
Layla - D-FIB
Xander Kirkpatrick - VN-GO
Clara - PR-T
Lennard - L-T
Tyler - TYP-E
Nicolas Pompeyo - SUPPLY-R
Sean Lan Ying- SR-V
Kyle Anderson- BIRD-E
Jonathan Windsor - VEND-R
Franklin Stombaugh - SAUT-A
Adrian Fallon - FIX-IT
Dylan Talavera - Lifeguard
Hunter Chang
Maxwell Elizondo
Henry Stombaugh
Joshua Hammond
:icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 2 0
Robots Wearing Ties: Gabu's Take by GabuTheWolf54 Robots Wearing Ties: Gabu's Take :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 2 2 Expectations v.s. Reality Meme: Bad Bunny by GabuTheWolf54 Expectations v.s. Reality Meme: Bad Bunny :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 0
Character Description for Wall-E Humanized
Name: Maxwell Elizondo
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Raised In: St. Petersburg Florida. Moved at the age of 7
Birthday: 6, May 2074.
Hair: Short cut, about 3-4 cm most of the time. Deep black hair. Straight sleek structure. Surprisingly soft to the touch, (like petting a German Shepard, but for the love of dog, DO NOT PET MAX!!!) Somewhat shaven sideburns. Clean shaven face. (It's a Steward's dress code)
Eyes. Deep brown.
Skin details: Light coloured tan, slightly speckled with tan to dark tan "sunspots." Has only a few dark scars on him from earlier battles.
Personality: Heavily self-disciplined. Pain tolerant. A "pack animal" rather than a "lone wolf". Loyal to some. Athletic. Aggressive when perturbed or upset. Never rebels, always follows his directives when they're given to him.
Age (when started) 31 years old.
Age (during the Wall-E movie) 38 years old.
Likes: Not much. But he is proud of being an Alpha Steward, likes to work with others whenever a directive must be finishe
:icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 0
First Kosperry Digital Art by GabuTheWolf54 First Kosperry Digital Art :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 7 2
Mature content
Steward FanFic Sneak Peek (2) :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 1 0
Kosperry Line Art by GabuTheWolf54 Kosperry Line Art :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 3 4 Humanized Steward (by Bechnokid) by GabuTheWolf54 Humanized Steward (by Bechnokid) :icongabuthewolf54:GabuTheWolf54 4 0

Random Favourites

Commission for GabuTheWolf54 by prxncekevin Commission for GabuTheWolf54 :iconprxncekevin:prxncekevin 5 3 Poochie Meets Polterpup by NatSilva Poochie Meets Polterpup :iconnatsilva:NatSilva 246 65 Poochy And Poochy Pups 2 by thepoecatcher Poochy And Poochy Pups 2 :iconthepoecatcher:thepoecatcher 19 1 Poochy and the Pups by Melon88 Poochy and the Pups :iconmelon88:Melon88 4 11 Poochy And Puppies by AyaRaptor26 Poochy And Puppies :iconayaraptor26:AyaRaptor26 11 1 Commission for GabuTheWolf54 by prxncekevin Commission for GabuTheWolf54 :iconprxncekevin:prxncekevin 5 6 The Tiger General ::Chibi:: by KittyKathyKat The Tiger General ::Chibi:: :iconkittykathykat:KittyKathyKat 26 9 #031 Sparky - #032 Bolt - #033 Thunderbolt by Ry-Spirit #031 Sparky - #032 Bolt - #033 Thunderbolt :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,413 70 HAL9000 by cartoonjunkie HAL9000 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 371 12 HAL9000/David8 - My Type by cartoonjunkie HAL9000/David8 - My Type :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 119 12 Always Watching You... by kittyXartist Always Watching You... :iconkittyxartist:kittyXartist 14 17 Poor HAL by the-wasd-man Poor HAL :iconthe-wasd-man:the-wasd-man 81 27 Cubee - HAL9000 by CyberDrone Cubee - HAL9000 :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 67 9 Boat by StarSlug Boat :iconstarslug:StarSlug 6 15 Android HAL 9000 - Wardrobe by cartoonjunkie Android HAL 9000 - Wardrobe :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 162 13 I know I've made some poor decisions recently by cartoonjunkie I know I've made some poor decisions recently :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 140 10



My favorite YouTuber is Daithi de Nogla.
Filipino language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy You Have No Right Dictating Other People's Diets by TheArtFrog It doesn't people.... by LostAtSeaOFF Foxy doesn't love you stamp by LostAtSeaOFF GTFO Zoophiles by genkistamps Ew, Bestiality - Stamp by Starrceline Don't Like, Don't Look!  BS by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me I'm nice online, unless you piss me off by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Art or GTFO by Ramen27 Human babies by FluffyFerret97 Those fucking kids by FluffyFerret97 Opinion Stamp by lady-warrior Get Out Bronies by Foedus-Stamps
I love the Stewards :iconstewardplz: StewardPlz from Wall-E very much.
My favourite characters and the best tertiary antagonist I know.
I like making Wall-E humanization fanfictions, specifically about my favourite Stewards of course.
I wish that Stewards are completely real, and if they were, I would be one of the first to nuzzle them.
In fact, I own 2 adorable Stewards right now. Andreas and Kelvin to be exact!

Unfortunately, I do NOT do Art Trades, Commisions, Requests, or anything of the like. Not only am I not good, but if I did do them, it would take forever for me to do so. And it's likely that I would not in a long time.…
My image belongs to :iconbechnokid: BechnoKid not me. And my avatar belongs to AMCAlmaron :iconamcalmaron:
Read my full fanfic here:…

Drawing Kosperry.
Writing Fanfictions.
Listening to certain music.
Making Spongebob/ Bob Esponja mashups in my mind.
Having walks outside.
Reading textbooks of my favourite topic(s)
Comparing/contrasting songs.
Classic Spongebob. (Modern is okay. But some of the episodes are beyond awful!)

Dislikes: (Sorry if any of these you like)
IOS games (Long story)
Movie remakes (Game remakes are okay)
Anime/Manga (I know you might hate me for that)
Modern Memes (VERY annoying)

I don't like the following anymore (Sorry again...)
Furries (Have PTSD of some of their art. True Story. But I still like Kosperry.)
YTPs (mostly)
Wall-E as a whole film.


Expect a name change someday. I may get a mini CORE membership someday, and change my outdated username.
I review Douglas Walker's Mini-review for Wall-E. And the comment is my review also.

Will not lie. This is an interesting review.

To my disappointment, I thought the second half was a bit better than the first. The action with the various characters seems to wake me up more than the almost silent first half.

I was not shocked for you to say that the message of Wall-E is beyond obvious. That's perhaps a vexation of mine when it comes to this film. [It crudely rubs in the irrational and cliche fear that Earth is blanketed in the filthy trash, all because of technology and human greed].

Unpopular opinion, but I really detested the first act. [I] thought it was boorishly boring. Almost no action nor dialogue never seems to interest me. I just wanted to skip the entire first 20-25 minutes of the film, just to make myself at least somewhat entertained.

Also, the end of Auto (What Douglas called HAL 9000) seemed so sudden and abrupt, rather than a smooth solid conclusion. It's as if the writers had no more script for Auto to be involved in and had to make him die in the most anti-climatic way possible. All because he's a robot. So what?!

Unlike what Doug said I do like the Axiom's general atmosphere, not including the morbidly obese humans. The humans seem to drain away the Axiom's futuristic beauty. 

The comment of EVE having a plasma gun was true. I'm now wondering if no one found a plant because some of the units burned them with their plasma rays.

Lastly, the fight with the rejects versus the Stewards was unbelievably stupid and unnecessary! As much as I like the HALT characters, I really loathed that particular scene. [To rub that in, the now possessed Stewards by Auto have to face their brutal deaths, and almost no one is moved. Worst off, they were following their directives as everyone else should. And what did that result in? Unreasonably bloody death!!] It's no surprise that the Stewards were unable to fight, so what was the EXACT purpose for that scene? That the rejects were actually useful? That's a short game. Metaphorically, it's like Bowser (or Koopa) sending in helpless minions to stop Mario and company rather than clever tricky Koopalings. How pointless would that be for a Mario plot?!?

Overall, I don't love this movie as I appear to. Sorry if I appeared to deceive you. (In fact, that's why I like creating my fanfiction, for fixing the original's mistakes in my eyes.)

EEEEEE!!! I have a great Steward fanfic that I want to share with you all. It's delightful. Featuring a young sentient Steward trying to find his way around.…
I will be creating a group for Steward admirers like myself. Wish me luck.


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Already gave a cake to StewardPlz :iconstewardplz:. Thank you all so much for the commitment.

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