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Default Wallpaper Build 9600 - Vetor HD

By Gabrielx86


This is new default wallpaper of Windows 8.1 (build 9600). Based on:…

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© 2013 - 2021 Gabrielx86
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Do you mind if I make the whole colored pack based on this ? I'll credit you of course :)
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Fantastic! Thanks a lot!
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And this is really made by you?

Because I downloaded exact the same file today from a "serious computer site" to be some original microsoft file...
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Yes, this version was that I did. O.o
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But I'm still interested in the artist who did the original... ;)
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Made in Photoshop CS6.
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Please excuse my initial distrust!

So deviantART was the faster one again... ;)

Last time a "leaked Windows 8.1-wallpaper" haunted the internet it was in fact "stolen" from an artist of here (…
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Awesomely made, and can you do a few "remix" colors?  say a blue, green, and a red, in one pack?  That should get more people to get these form you... because I know that I would want that!

And again, Awesome job!  Looks great!
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nice, can you do some more, make it light blue :D
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Good idea! Windows Blue ^^
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very nicely remade :) thanks for the wallpaper :)
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