Locke and Key goes to TV! + new twitter account

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Yes, guys, finally some official updates about this.
Facts: Steven Spielbergs’ Dreamworks TV is moving forward with a pilot produced by Andy Kurtzman & Robert Orci (Fringe), based on Locke & Key series created by Joe Hill and yours truly. Also producing, Josh Friedman (Terminator: Sarah Connors Chronicles), who will be the lead writer and show runner of the series. With such Dream Team in charge, the series should be airing next year…

More information, check this much funnier and well written post at Joe Hill’s Blog: joehillfiction.com/?p=1631

Updates soon!

Also, on Twitter now, to discuss comics, illustration, movies, music and fun stuff...
here: twitter.com/GR_comics
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Necro-HeaD's avatar
NIce, hope they don't make some crap out of it. Imo it would be hard to do so, cuz the story and all is rly awesome and dosen't need to be manipulated that much for TV standards. Gratz!
reydelfenix's avatar
Congratulations and can't wait to see it!
ArtisanNoirHouse's avatar
now thats what im talking about .....hold the corn son! im grabbing the clicker
Kloob's avatar
Good news and congratulations indeed on Locke & Key moving to TV. I just finished hardback L & K volume 3 and continue to be amazed by the creativity and storytelling in both writing and art. It would be a sad day indeed if you had to stop drawing the book!
dalf-rules's avatar
WENA! Felicitaciones!

Ahora obviamente lloverán el dinero y las mujeres fáciles, así que con cuidado! ;)
EagleGosselin's avatar
Oh, good! Another brilliant series for Fox to destroy.
KrIsTiaNo's avatar
Felicitaciones Gabriel!
crazymew's avatar
Holy crap man, that's freaking amazing. Well done on your accomplishment, and I wish you the best of luck with the new series. ^^
NessaSaelind's avatar
OMG! That is so awesome! I was just thinking the other day how I would love to see Locke and Key televised, but I never thought that could happen. This is amazing. :D
rauj13's avatar
I thought... I thought it was a movie. This is so much better!! I loved The Sarah Connor Chronicles! And Fringe (they also did the first Transformers movie, Zena: The Warrior Princess, that Hercules show that was out around the same time, and the new Star Trek)! This is going to rock. :D
rdricci's avatar
Increibles noticias,Felicitaciones!
realcabz's avatar
Felicidades, Gabriel! Es una real fuente de orgullo saber que el trabajo tuyo y de Joe va a ser adaptado e idealmente llegará a un publico aun mayor.
Toda la suerte del mundo!
SetsunaCalmSnow's avatar
I can't believe it! I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to be shown! :D
uialwen's avatar

Te felicito infinitamente, ao tus pegas y espero poder ver la seri y decir a mi familia ke uno de los co creadores es shileno.. topisimo!

ahh, y quien dijo que no se puede vivir del comic?

2corpses's avatar
Thank god!!!!!! ive been waitin 4 a show like you!!!
Designer-27's avatar
Congrats! I'm so excited all the things I love are getting shows Locke & Key and the Walking Dead
ViceDriven's avatar
I'm so excited! Congrats. <3
Tai-Porto's avatar
ooooh!!!! now this is awesomely interested!
I'm gonna look forward to it!! :D
StinaSketchbook's avatar
Seriously? I'm so watching it!!!
Josh-van-Reyk's avatar
That's great news, Gabriel! And yeah, what a great team to have on board. Josh Friedman worked absolute wonders with TSC, was one of the best shows on TV at the time.
mistermoster's avatar
Raiden-chino's avatar
Jilani77's avatar
that's amazing news XD
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