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Nos4a2 Cover Color

NOS4A2 Cover Color
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The book was great...this art is so fitting.  The teeth just draw me in...
love your work man!!!
Cant wait to see my NOS4A2 letter edition from sub press and the amazing artwork .
I have been following Locke and key since the very 1st issue and it just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the very end:) Alpha #2.
sparklefungurl's avatar
i just saw this on joe hill's tumblr. love it!
Redmannine's avatar
most excellent work. the book was great, and your pictures really do it justice
TopplingDominoes's avatar
The moon is so trippy. Love all the repetition of the circles.
zxwart's avatar
Es por Nosferatu?!..
I'm going to have to buy the HC of this just to get your illustrations.
BumblebeeGames's avatar
wow, impressive work
chordata1's avatar
just got this book and the cover alrdy on it is so sick but u def give it a run for its money.very cool
CapiCuche's avatar
Impresionante trabajo!
stecdude123's avatar
omg I can see the joker
SquidHam's avatar
This is awesome. The license plate= pure genius! :)
Ruu-the-Dasher's avatar
That moon looks real creepy. Awesome artwork!
sporedesigns's avatar
Fantastic work! I just finished the book and I absolutely loved it and your illustrations inside!
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