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LK Omega 1 inks

Next Fall...
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Gorgeous lines around the finger joints..
I also like the white space around the whole hand- subtle.. beautiful
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Awesome design!

Me encanto esa parte del ultimo libro "Grindhouse" donde explican el dise~o de la casa.
Fasinante, creo Q cuando vuelva a leer la serie lo voy a tener al lado para ubicarme.
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next fall like fall 2013 or fall 2012?
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fall 2012 (in the U.S.)
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Man, you can practically hear the creepy music....

I am always awed by the sheer technical brilliance of your linework.
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Sooooo long to wait.
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We know that that Keyhouse has a consciousness. We also know that Tyler has some whispering iron. Wondering if Keyhouse will begin to fight back and what kind of key Tyler will make. The only bad thing about Locke & Key is that there are only eight more issues. Thank you Gabriel for your magnificent work on this series. It has been a gem.
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Siempre me devano los sesos tratando de entender cómo eres capaz de alcanzar ese nivel de detalle. Creo que nunca seré capaz, jajaja.
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woo, siempre quedo admirado or tu trabajo con las tintas!, jajaja excelente trabajo
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Es curioso pero Keyhouse se ve pequeña en el dibujo xP
Esta awesome
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So awesome! Do you draw the building by hand each time, or do you use a program to help?
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Cómo haces para hacer tanta linea recta sin ensuciar??? yo cuando uso regla y tiralineas me queda terrible!, algun consejo mister?? Saludos y espectacular tu obra
DontTouchTheMap's avatar EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! :D
Objectively, that image should not be nearly as ominous as it is. But damn, it says so much without saying anything at all. Can't wait for Omega!
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