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Hearts and Kisses for V Day

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Yes, a card about a card; I’m soo original. XP

No, come back Sephiroth! I love you!!! ;_; Gah, well, while I was lining his wings I realized just how much I didn’t want to have to color the damn thing too. Complicated piece of shit. But I forced myself to. Assholes need cards too. ^.^ …I just had the stupidest mental image of Sephiroth flitting around, crapping on people like a giant bird. >_<

Made in response to :iconsanctusrequiem: ’s pro anti-anti Valentine’s Day Journal. Dedicated, not made for her (because that would just be mean. XP) She was tired of people dumping on Valentine’s Day, and I agreed—People suck. That probably wasn’t what she meant, but anyways… those sucky people deserve a card to tell them they suck. Just thoughtful, really.

For you FFVII newbs out there that saw Advent Children and can’t figure out why Sephy has wings, in the game—yes, there was a game, you silly, naïve, I want to shake you a little bit for being that dense, fools—in the game when Sephy becomes a flying torso with wings, you pretty much expected to get your ass whooped. Seriously, play the game. Don’t give me that pissy look because the graphics seem so low quality—this game was fucking groundbreaking when it came out, and it still is! It’s no walk in the park like the new games you kids play. You can like, play forever, and not like bored, running around in circles ‘cus you’ve fucking maxed out your levels in five hours of game play. You have to actually level up to defeat enemies. I think I spent an hour just looking for the first save point—and I had the strategy guide! (Although it was the first video game I played, and I was pretty stupid back then. ) Hours spent leveling just so I could defeat the three special monsters… Ruby, Emerald, Sand or whatever the hell they were called. Special and Ultimate weapons actually meant something! Secret characters you can unlock, games, games, and more games. Your girlfriend dies, taking all the material you equipped with her (bitch), your character is basically out of his mind through the whole thing… And you walk uphill everywhere you go! Without shoes! Weighed down by armor and dodging pick pocketing ninjas. O_O I got my first pair of boots in the game by pimping Tifa out for sexual favors, and it took forever cus they pay so cheep. :/ (okay, I may have made some of those up >_> but you don’t know that! Play it! ) But really, it was the game that birthed the best villain in the history of all games; that’s incentive enough. …Shit. I think I need to go replay the game again. Like right now.

Oh, if you do want to actually make it into a card, here’s a bigger print version. [link] Just, don’t do anything stupid, like try to sell it or shit, ‘cus I don’t own the characters, and the people that do will eat you. Seriously. They own dragons. .__.
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I finished the game the first time I played it, and I fell in love with it. I replayed it several times during these last years, but I've never been able to really finish it, so sorry I've always felt for Sephiroth (the hottest villaing ever, by the way).

Anyway, you did a great job with the Safer Sephy, and I love how you did Cloud and Vincent!
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What, you mean people HAVENT played FF7? SACRILIDGE! HEARESY! SHAME! Um.....Sorry, I am quite done ranting. On a serious note, however, you did quite well with Seph. This form of Sephiroth is quite an ambitious one, and you did so well on it! Great job!
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Heh, I recall even now how much the coloring killed me. I got so annoyed I was just going to color the chibis but I made myself after much yelling internally at my laziness.
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I think I will make a card of it next year, my husband have a long term running joke about Cloud/Seph.
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YOU BEAT EMERALD WEAPON!!!! Damn. I hate that bitch, my time keeps running out! AND IM AT LEVEL 99 *sob*!!! Amen to that though, Advent was good, and I had a full on heart attack once Sephy's music came on when Cloud and Kadaj were doing their falling through the air thing, but REGARDLESS, twas nothing to the game. Great card though, it had me in stitches!
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Ah, well I beat it ages ago, and it wasn't easy. @_@ I want to replay it but I just can't find the time! ;_;
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Bwahaha, best V-Day card ever.
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lmao great idea i love it!
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*collapses into fit of giggles*
Cloud and Vincent's reactions are priceless!
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You....are my HERO!!!
*worships* This is sooo figgin awsome XD
I'm printing it out and giving it to my friends :3
*licks Sephy*


*is promptly stabbed*
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Lol *cast pheonix down* Your friends won't be horribly offended? O_o
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*rises from the dead vampy-style* thnx they won't O__o

One innocent one was just slightly scarred at the almost nekkid Sephy. Which is good (it builds character! And one cannot remain 9 years old forever!) Everyone else taped it to their dorm walls :3

Such is the way of my friends, as few as they may be :3
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Oh god I'm going to hell. >_< Did you not see the big 'Fuck' on that card, and you still gave it to a 9-yr old? @_@

Lol, quality over quantity is a good sign of character when it comes to friends. :hug:
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Naaah....she's actually 17. She just has the mind of a nine-year-old. But it's okay, heaven is for n00bs anyways. :hug: We could both go to hell together! Yay blasphemy ^^
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Hahaha oh man I love 'ya ChimaeraChan! XD Awesome V-day card! So cute, funny, and smexy at the same time! ^_^

Hahah yeah FFVII was my first RPG. And yes it is a classic, everyone should invest some time into the majesty that is FFVII!! XD
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:hug: Gah, isn't it though?! It's worth the hours of leveling and traversing without an airship. *reminisces happily of all the times I got lost* <3
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hahaha XD thats actually pretty funny . Good pic. Love how you did the sephiroth xD
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Thanks. :smooch: It was sort of a half-assed coloring job on him though. :/
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*squees with delight* I love this! So true ^^ Id love to get this card for St. V's day =3
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Lol, glad you like it, hun. :hug:
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LMFAO!! you made my uber craptastic day brighter :D I love it!
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Gah, well I hope your day got better anyways. ^^
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...XD You're brilliant. -cackles- That's brilliant. God I wish cards were really like that :heart:
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