Portrait Drawing and Painting Class

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Hey guys!

Earlier this month I released my new portrait class, which is available on both Skillshare and Gumroad!

How To Paint Portraits by GabrielleBrickey

This class is PACKED with info! It’s over 2 hours long! 

We’ll cover forms, proportions, gesture drawing, anatomy, conceptualizations of the head,
the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, forehead, cheek and jaw structure, and much more!

Portrait Class by GabrielleBrickey

I also loaded this one up with demos and time-lapses. 
So there will be lots and lots of examples of how I put the ideas into action in my own work.

You’ll also get my ultimate faves pack of Procreate brushes!

All my current go-tos. 🖌🖍🖋You’ll also get lots of worksheets and resources!

Brush Set by GabrielleBrickey

This exact class and resources are available in my Gumroad Store too for $25! So pick whichever platform works best for you. Skillshare is a subscription service where you’ll get access to ALL 12 of my classes every month you’re a premium member.  But with Gumroad, you can download at one flat rate. Perfect if you like to download & run. 

I’ve tried to share everything I know in this one! So I hope to see you there. :D Yay!

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DrinkTeaOrDie's avatar
I’m so happy to see this! I’m going to be joining Skillshare in the new year! :D I will absolutely check out your class!
DrinkTeaOrDie's avatar
A bummer I won’t get to enjoy the brushes as I only have photoshop, but I look forward to everything else your class has to offer!
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
Thank you so much! Excited to see you there! Yeah, it would be nice if brushes were universal! In a couple other classes I have for Photoshop, I share some of my PS faves :)