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Hey guys!

Earlier this month I released my new portrait class, which is available on both Skillshare and Gumroad!

How To Paint Portraits by GabrielleBrickey

This class is PACKED with info! It’s over 2 hours long! 

We’ll cover forms, proportions, gesture drawing, anatomy, conceptualizations of the head,
the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, forehead, cheek and jaw structure, and much more!

Portrait Class by GabrielleBrickey

I also loaded this one up with demos and time-lapses. 
So there will be lots and lots of examples of how I put the ideas into action in my own work.

You’ll also get my ultimate faves pack of Procreate brushes!

All my current go-tos. 🖌🖍🖋You’ll also get lots of worksheets and resources!

Brush Set by GabrielleBrickey

This exact class and resources are available in my Gumroad Store too for $25! So pick whichever platform works best for you. Skillshare is a subscription service where you’ll get access to ALL 12 of my classes every month you’re a premium member.  But with Gumroad, you can download at one flat rate. Perfect if you like to download & run. 

I’ve tried to share everything I know in this one! So I hope to see you there. :D Yay!

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These are Stunning! You have amazing talent!