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Here is a cropped work in progress.. I may finish her :) I'm having fun exploring these colors!

 Digital Painting Class
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the coloring in this and the soft lines are beautiful, wonderful job!! 
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The attention to detail is extraordinary!~
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Holy shit! how the fuck do you draw so good? she is amazing 💙. Sorry for the swearing
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I love it. <3
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This is so pretty! 
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Wow!!! I hope you do finish her, she's beautiful! :heart:
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No problem! :hug:
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WOW this is beautiful! Very captivating!
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Which program did you use?  Also did you use a stylus?
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Photoshop CC and intuos 3 and pen
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Is it hard learning to draw on a tablet?  I have a Wacom and have downloaded SketchBook Pro and Corel Painter Essentials.  I'm trying to make a smooth transition between drawing on traditional media (which I shall never put down) and drawing on the wacom  tablet.  It's taking longer than expected to master it.  Especially drawing complex subjects like feet.  What are your suggestions?
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Yeah like any new medium, it will take a little time to learn. 
I feel like I learn new things about digital painting all the time! Always something to learn.  I would recommend looking on youtube for free videos or googling specific questions you might have. I've learned a lot that way. Also, maybe take a class! That will help you grow too. Keep practicing things you learn and it should get easier. 

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her color reminds me of spring 
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