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This is the kind of art that I love. Unique, interesting and lovely facial features but preserving a style. I think that is what the true art world wants most in a portrait. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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looks like Selena Gomez dressed as a native American, so cute
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Beautiful. Great job! 
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I can't help but think of Sacagawea/Sakakawea. She appears strong, capable, lovely, intelligent, determined, courageous....all the great things that saved a couple white boys wandering in the wilderness ;)
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A great work :)
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
Thanks for the fave :D
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So beautiful!!! :heart:
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You're welcome! :hug:
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She is beautiful. I love her facial features.
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This is sooo gorgeous in it's black white an grey form..beautiful simple study and lovely wirk..the way it flows and floats on a page..😊☺😆😉❤💖❤👍👍👍✊✌(/-\)
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Thank you so much! :D
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You are most welcome gabbyd70😊😉💖👍👍👍✌
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Really Beautiful:)
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Rush, as in a hasty painting, or as in her name.  She seems lost in thought over something important.  Love the braids and the markings up her eyes.
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Just the attitude I think. thanks!
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