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Professor Snape

It's Snape! :dance:
I started this drawing about 2 months ago, finally I've finished it. :D I'm actually seeing the new movie at 12 tonight, because I am a dedicated fan ;) lol

I drew this on 11" by 14" vellum bristol paper and I used 3H and 4B lead. I also used tissues and q-tips for blending and a kneaded eraser and pencil eraser for the highlighted areas. Materials- [link]

Just saw the was awesome :D :D
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Nov 18, 2010, 4:03:21 PM
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He seldom played a nice guy, but could. And everything he did was very well acted.
OMG that sadness. You can tell he just carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Can we please all love him for it.
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O mai gwad!! fucking love this!
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This is really great.
We know very well that he is not very nice, but we also know his deep sadness, and, above all, the hard task he's called to. This is shown clearly here. It's a gorgeous Snape and a sweet memory of Alan Rickman.
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Great work ! It has a lot of depth to it.
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the books are soo much better than the movies, the movies suck they are messed up
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Oh and do you think it's best to make a start on a few portraits or focus on one at a time?
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It depends. Eventually you'll find you have a lot of open projects that are unfinished. That's the case for me right now. But I think it's actually better for me to only work on 1-3 things at once. Otherwise I personally get overwhelmed. But at the same time, breaking from one thing to work on another can be refreshing. Try either way! Figure out what works for you :)
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I drew someone I used to know in colour - the picture I drew means a lot. I think I'll improve over the months. Is 1-2 portrait a day a good idea? Maybe I could do 2 versions (with hair similar/close to the photo) and then change the hair to a different colour and see how it goes? =]
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Do you think guys or girls are harder to draw?:3
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Hmmmmm... how come I was comparing my drawings to the photograph? Is this normal or not?
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53 pages? how do I find the comments you sent me just now? Too many pages to look for... any ideas?
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
Set the drop downs to 100, Nested, Newest first :) 
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I think it's good to experiment in pieces. On one piece I did the face in a light pink (and another did it darker and used a rubber for some highlights. It suits both. It's amazing how different it looks :3
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
Well, just keep practicing! I don't have the answer to every question, but I wish you the best on your artistic journey. : )
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How much would three portrait drawings of mine be worth? £4.99 - £7? If the frames cost me £4.99 and got £10 for three - I'm only making £5 ish. Thoughts?

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I want to improve on my artwork :3 Is quality or quantity best?
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How can I ensure I get the proportions 99% correct without tracing?
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I'm going to improve with time - thank you for the support, wishes and words. :)
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Thanks for the support. I so want to improve but it's hard. :( :( 
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How long do I need to draw awesome portraits? :3 A few years? :D
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
It's possible in a few years. :) Just depends on the time you put in in those years :) 
Liquinn's avatar
How do I get my portraits as close as possible to the photo?
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