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:bulletpink: G A L L E R Y :bulletpink: T I P S  &  F A Q  :bulletpink: A R T  C L A S S :bulletpink: I N S T A G R A M 

: ) Painted her with photoshop CC and SAI. 

WIP by gabbyd70
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What a beautiful painting. A magnificent masterpiece! :clap:
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Anybody else think she looks just like Dove Cameron but with brown hair?
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You always make symmetrically pleasing art. Way to go!

And I love the mood to this. I just tried to copy you and faaaaaaaaaaaailed. Hahaha!

It was my first time trying to do skin tone color, and it looks terrible.…

Not that you would, but don't try to defend it! =P

I can't afford skin color copics right now. Gotta wait. And I don't have skin colored pencil crayons either, so that's out of the picture (no pun intended). I had to use marker that kinda bled on the paper, which was skin toned, but a little too dark, and aaaah. Then I watered it down and added hints of yellow watercolor which DID NOT work to try and get it right, and it just looks like she has awkward sunburn now. XD Hahaha. The stems on the flame lily (my favorite flower!) didn't turn out very round and curvacious either. Bummer! 

(And the yellow for the flower also turned out unsavory. Disappointment from beginning to end! Spinning Awesome Smiley )

And right above her breast, the paper crinkled cus it's not paper for watercolor, and so now it has a permanent mark on her chest that looks like bad shading. I didn't bother trying to shade the arms. It can't be helped!

Her neck, instead of looking nice and shaded, looks like she has bruising. Time to kill that witch, Snow White! She's abusive!

However! I will try again, cus this new one of yours inspired me again. And hope you like my Dhalsim! It is [hopefully] much better!…
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Nice work! :) :D And we all go through problems as we work, it's part of being an artist :XD: 
Thank you :) Keep up your awesome work!
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Yeah, probleeeeeeems. Thanks for responding. You seem like a pretty upbeat girl!

You keep up your awesome work too!
Your stuff really feels "sublime." That's the word I'd use to describe your art. Serene and sublime, cus it gives me a feeling of "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" like choir music or something, where there is calmness and quiet beauty. =)
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Beautiful. For some reason, I really love that nose. :D
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Love it!

The subdued tones works great here.  That slight raising of the brow brings this character to life.
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thank you! I adore your style!
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wow. I like the mood. Amazing!
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