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Copic WIP

I've been wanting to draw something colorful lately :) Here's a copic marker drawing I've been working on. 

Design a Female Character: Sketching Portraits with Pencils
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Wow! I love your use of colors! So bright and pretty (and pink is my favorite)
Tanoko's avatar
Very pretty, I really like the light vibrant colors you used for this!Love 
apollo-the-sun-god's avatar
What kind of markers do u use ther beautful
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
copic sketch and copic ciao markers. I like the light shades so I can build up tone :) 
isabel12082000's avatar
What copics did you use for skin?
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
I like R000, R00, R01, R20, E21
xXxAoidexXx's avatar
im new to copic markers. comparing you work to mine, how do you get the even colors? mine shows up marker strokes. I have some uploaded to my gallery if you need to see what im talking about.
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
Perhaps it's the tip you are using. I use the soft pointed tip found on Copic Sketch markers and Copic Ciao markers. Not the angled tip!
Try drawing in soft circular motions with the pointed side. 

Bunidaelynn's avatar
What are these copic markers ive heard so much about?
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
it's a great marker brand for drawing. very smooth and blendable.
Best price I've seen-
Worth a try if you like drawing :) 
Bunidaelynn's avatar
Thankyou so much ill definately look into that 😄
MirandaEscalante's avatar
Oh hey, she looks like Fluttershy! :D Fluttershy (RLY?) plz 
Mooneon's avatar
Do you think TOUCH markers work well like copics?
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
I've actually never tried
ArtsyBlueWolf's avatar
Do you like using copic marker?  Because I can see that you use it very often..................................;P
nicochulin's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love your artwork! la in love 
nicochulin's avatar
May I ask what shades you used for the skin color? I have been collecting Copics recently and I am very interested in trying to find suitable skin colors. It would mean a lot, thank you in advance!:) (Smile) 
GabrielleBrickey's avatar
I like to use R000, R00, R01, R20, E21, YR02, E70 :) (for light reddish/pink/yellow skin tones)
nicochulin's avatar
This literally made my day! Thank you SO much! I actually didn't know if I would get a reply. You are an amazing artist! :D (Big Grin) 
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