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Charcoal Drawing WIP

Current work in progress :) Willow charcoal on grey paper. 
I'm loosely following this reference here- Feathers of Blue 11

Thanks for looking!
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Thank you Gabrielle. 

I had read on fixatives before, but was concerned that it might change the texture. However, a suggestion from an artist of your brilliance is an immense reassurance.

Also, although a tad late, do accept my heartfelt wishes on your marriage. My sincere wishes to both of you for the years to come. Stay blessed. -)

(World is a better place for creations of your kind and it is a pure joy to witness your artwork. We will always be inclined to expect lot more from you all time.) 
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Thank you so much! :) Really appreciate it. :)

My suggestion with fixatives though- do a test spray. Once, I had a bad fixative (not one of the brands I recommended) drip on my drawing. Thankfully it was a drawing from my younger years and it wasn't great lol! But just do a couple test sprays and make sure it's coming out smoothly and not spurting. 

Also- the fixative may appear like it darkens your drawing at first spray. But this is just upon first contact. After that, it goes very close to the original value. Again, I would recommend a test spray on a scrap paper/drawing to make sure you're okay with the ever so slight darkening. 

Best to you! Thank you again!
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It was my pleasure Gabby and thanks much for the heads up. -)
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Very impressive. I had bumped into a form of this art on Pinterest but was not able to locate the artist. Now that I have, do accept my congratulations. 

All your work is awe inspiring.

However, if I may ask, I would like to inquire how you are able to retain your charcole works intact over the years. The ones that I have do smudge every time i try to move or carry them.
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Thank you! :) 
And it is the same for me! Charcoal is annoying that way. I spray my favorite works with fixative. I like prismacolor fixative and blair fixative. Then I put them in a portfolio or some are framed.
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I could never draw like this in a million years! Absolutely beautiful! 
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You're welcome, and btw, it's true! True That Stamp 
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Absolutely stunning :) (Smile) :) (Smile)  her face looks as if it will come alive any second, it's amazing :O
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i need to learn to do that too .... i.. i feel rusty doing that..
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beautifully done! 
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Impressive Gaby, you keep getting better and better
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Thanks for your interest! I actually dropped this one off today at a show. I have it for sale there, but if it does not sell I can let you know if you wish :)
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Wow, just gorgeous!
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I've noticed that you like to draw that particular model, you draw her beautifully :)
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I find her look very inspiring :)
I also find she has a changeable look, and great proportions. 
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oh, can i ask who is she?
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link to the reference in the description :) 
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wow is very great is nice
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