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Hi everyone! おげんきですか

2017 is gonna be tomorrow! This year has been a time that never come cross my mind of what has happened. Surely 2016 has been a new beginning for me of something greater.

This Year, I ...
- met and build new friendships with bunch of Malaysian people through a Training that I went. This leads me to get to know a new culture,  diversities in languages, and lifestyle of other nations.
- Had my first time Solo travel to Japan! (finally, and I'm gonna do more). was lost finding my hotel on the first night that led me to come to police office (and he still used the paper book city map, very interesting!), no Data on my phone & it suddenly off for one day!
- Went to see Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Exhibition in Roppongi
- Become a Full-time artist (in the past three years, I had another full-time job & doing art was a part-time job)
- Taking risk on creating my new business (still so much to learn)
- Reunite with my family, spent time with my nieces and nephew, my parents, my siblings
- Ministering at my church for the teens, mentoring them by started with one person
- Visited Singapore for few days to help my good friend's exhibition (and I paid nothing for my accomodation^^)
- Finished studying Hiragana & Katakana
- Somehow, I met with an American pastor who lives in Japan and also an author. We work on some illustration book project now. and this really a blessing because I can work on something that trully relates to Japan.
- Joined Indonesia POPCON
- Breakthrough in my family (my parents went through some tough time, but God is always faithful that He never lets down His children)
... and many more

A lot of things, the diversities of the world, the beauty of each nations that I experienced this year. The challenges & the blessings are all one package. 

I would love to hear your story in 2016 as well, please do so by writing in the comment below =)
Hikari - Original Character by gabrielleandhita
Hi everyone! Today marks the day of US new President, Donald Trump! And I believe that this make an impact globally.
Also, it is November already! Oh my... It has been few months since my last art submission art. I have been working on my own start-up business of what Im gonna do here, as you know that my homecoming for good to Indonesia is very unplanned. There are moments when I felt unfamiliar (for some case, I do still feel it like that now), felt breakdown and wanted to have my own personal time. But there are a lot of moments when I also experiencing joy, gratefulness, to be where I am now, to do what Im passionate about, to be with my family and close friends, as well as experiencing new friendships.

Thankfully, as of today, I published a heads-up announcement of my new line product. Which is very personal. It is a personalized, decorated and handmade illustration on canvas. so it will be based on custom order. I'm very excited and look forward to share with you guys ore about my new product.

Have blessed day!

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? :) (Smile) I wanna share with you pictures from my trip to Japan, and when I also went to PGSM Original Art exhibition. It is located in Mori Art Museum Building. As I enter the exhibition room, It showed all the PGSM comics in many different languages, and also showing one of the newest Naoko Sensei's Sailor moon Artwork (top right in the picture) that is specifically created for this exhibition. 
The exhibition halls were divided into several Chapters, but we are not allowed to take pictures of everything. The most interesting chapter for me is when they showed the Original pieces of Naoko Sensei's artworks. It is truly the real pieces where we can see the brush strokes and paints. Really is beautiful. So there are 10 new pieces (8 of them are the ones hung on the window, and 2 of them were displayed only for exhibition).

At the end of the day, I took my  time to wait for sunset so I can enjoy the beautiful Tokyo Tower framed by the Moon Castle =) (Smile).

Sharing with you about my trip is really a joyful thing , and I hope that you can enjoy it too =) (Smile)
Sailor Moon Exhibition - Roppongi Hills, Tokyo by gabrielleandhita

Cherry Blossom season is coming =)

Looking at Instagram, Facebook, Headnews, people's selfies, many of them are putting spotlight on this beautiful flower family. Indeed it is beautiful =)

It has been 3 months since I return from US. Thank God that the adjustment process is getting better, and I had no complain but I enjoy where I am now. Everything works for good at the end.
Since there is no Cherry Blossom tree in my country, so I created this Fan Art to also welcoming this beautiful season (eventhough Kaguya Hime originally comes from Bamboo Shoot :P).

Dedicating to all of you out there who are also enjoying this season ;)

Princess Kaguya by gabrielleandhita

I just want to update everyone that I'm going back for good to Indonesia, officially in 4th January 2016. It has been a wonderful & blessed 7 years journey in San Francisco.
To be able to see my parents & family again is indeed bring such a joy in my life. It has been 11 years we never really reunited, because I moved overseas right after I graduated from High School. 
Now that I'm back here, It took, takes & will take some time for adjustment to engage with the Culture, people, traffics (LOL), weather, and activities. But I don't regret. I thanked God for the time I could go to school, experiencing living in US, and the moment when I have to choose to stay for good in Indonesia.

That is why I haven't really posted any illustration lately, because I left all of my belongings in SF (my decision to go back for good was a SUDDEN one). So Kiki's Delivery Service Fan Art is my first illustration that I made after about a month staying without being able to draw anything. Currently, I'm in the process of finding jobs in Art Industry here in Indonesia. Thank you for your support, and for keep visiting my page. Please look forward for more Fan Artworks in the near future (Having said that, I haven't fulfil my promised to finish Sailor Moon Fan Art > . < ).
Kiki's Delivery Service by gabrielleandhita
I have been receiving supports and Ganbatte regarding the Fan Art works of Sailor Guardians. And I'm really glad that people like it. So I decide to continue creating Sailor Soldiers Character's Fan Art.

Thank you for your support!
Sailor Starlights in the Making by gabrielleandhita
 Hi everyone,

I will start creating another Sailor Moon Fan Art, and this time I will working on these beautiful trio "Sailor Starlights". For this project, it might take a while since I'm also working on some other paintings. But I'm looking forward to paint them and share it with all of you, Starlights' fans!
Sailor Neptune Tips  Tutorial Patreon Sneak Peek by gabrielleandhita
This will be the first batch for the month of June (original content is exclusive for Patrons only)

Tips & Tutorial on 3 outer Sailor Soldiers (for Patrons $10/$15)
2 PSD files out of 3 outer Sailor Soldiers (for Patrons $15)
3 original high res JPEG file (for Patrons $5/ $10/ $15)

Be my Patron & Support my work on:
My Official Patreon by gabrielleandhitaPatreon Purpose Goals by gabrielleandhita

Untitled by gabrielleandhita

Lately I have been learning to keep what I say positively.
Many times, we are afraid to expect something good to happen in our lives because of our past disappointments (disappointments in relationship, friendship, work, etc). But as long as we have that fear, then we won't be able to move forward in our lives and accomplish our dreams and goals!

In order for us to accomplish our goals and dreams, we need to change our mindset and perspective. I believe, it is not just "change" but TRANSFORM. Our mind needs to experience the Metamorphosis just like how a cocoon turns into a butterfly.

Whatever that you face today, remember that your "Word creates your World". Start saying "Today will be a great day!" in the morning when you wake up. 

I hope and pray that this word can be an encouragement for you!

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Happy Monday!

So, I spent one full day in Los Angeles yesterday. rose up very early in the morning, left at 5AM from home, flew, drove in LA. Then gave a visit to Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney. They have Pascal Campion's Disney artwork shown, and also one of my most favorite Disney Licensed Artist : Noah! =D

Then, I spent some time in Burbank to give a visit for Pascal Campion's exhibition in Center Stage Gallery, "3000 moments". I truly2 admire his breath-taking artworks, capturing the beauty of every day into canvas. Doesn't it encourage you to cherish each moment of your lives? =) there is always beauty in it.

Lastly, while waiting in the airport before boarding time, 5th July has been the day that most of Sailor Moon's fans waiting! the first Episode! yay! So I watched it, and love it! I think it is going to be tough if we want to compare it with the 90's Anime. Each are made for different target audience. Both of them has their own aesthetic beauty! 

Finally, just want to cheer you guys up to start your day with a heart FULL OF GRATITUDE!
- Be Grateful & Lives Simplified!

God bless ya'll!
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It is one month away from the long awaited PGSM Anime Series =). And today I check the official website, and the first trailer is up already =D…

One more month to go! 
~Counting the Days~
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Finallyyy I'm almost done doing the Sailor Moon Fan Art. I did not expect that it will take about 6 months to finish everything, but Im glad that it's actually the dateline that I set (up until end of June 2014). Furthermore, I'm glad that I can visualize and put each of the Senshis into illustration. 

The reason I need to stop drawing the SM Fan Art is because I need to start working on my other illustration that will be submitted to Trickster on June, I'm so much in love with SM that if I don't say 'Stop!' then I would just continue doing it! =P.

The Last One for this Season: Finishing Usagi "Sailor Moon" on June! ~ Excited~

It's 1.24 AM in San Francisco now, time to go to sleep!

It's always good to be alive!
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Im writing this while sitting in one of a milk tea place in San Mateo.

as you can see in my gallery that I have been working on digital painting for Sailor Moon Series. I take this time to train my skill in painting.
i learn to slow down when I work on my painting. All of those paintings were initially painted and finished in February (I have done the initiate painting of Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon as well). I learn to control those feelings when you want to share your artwork with others and see how popular it is (hahaha). But there is more than that.

the artist is the one who decide when and how the painting is finished. It is not defined by the opinion of others. I believe that every person and individual has different subject matter and opinion toward certain artworks. For example, one person might like my version of Sailor Saturn, but some others might not. It all goes back to their personal preferences. 

An Art is an Interpretation.

My painting of certain characters is my interpretation of their personalities and my impression toward them.

Pascal Champion mentions that a question that should be asked toward artists is "WHY do you paint that? What's the reason behind it?", and that's true. 
It isn't "How do you do that? What kind of brush that you use?" , of course nothing is wrong by asking this questions, but what I'm trying to say is that there is a deeper thoughts and reasons behind hose beautiful paintings :).

so I would like to encourage you, next time when you see a beautiful artworks, go and ask the artist the reason of WHY behind the painting, and I believe that you will hear  a much deeper thoughts that you can learn from them :)

Oh oh by the way, I'm getting nervous if I can interpret in painting the individual of Sailor moon 'Usagi Tsukino' :p

have a blessed day!
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So glad that I can start to share my artworks with other great artists through Deviant Art. It is always humbling to learn from each other & encouraging other fellow artists.
Lately I have been inspired a lot by Classic Manga Artist such as CLAMP, Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon), Yumiko Igarashi (Candy Candy).

There is time for everything under the sun, so there is time to keep improve in drawing.

Be blessed!
Gabrielle A
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wonderful night...

I'm really happy with what I have achieved in learning process so far.... not that I'm satisfied, because I will keep on learning...
but one thing I realise in drawing is this:

despite what kind of style I draw...two things that are important are: I enjoy drawing (any style, anything, but enjoy!) ....and, do it as unto the Lord, the eternal Creator & giver of us.

I know that where I am now is not a coincidence,... the people that I met... teachers that teach my's all in the right time.

I thank those who has blessed me along this journey... thanks for your patience, your friendship, and your support (especially my parents).
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Finally, I go back to update my stuff on Deviant Art. it's been so long!

Recently, I met with some artists, it's so inspiring. They kindly give good advice which I can learn to.

This semester I had a Character Design class with Michael Buffington. the class is just soo funn!! we learn all of this "master" drawing by Stephen Gordon, Lauren Montgomery, "cheek" Gallaway, Bruce Timm, and even the retro style such as powerpuff girl! it has been so helpful with my drawing learning.
I learn that, it is good to be able to do many different style, and not just stick with one style. at the end, we will find our own style on the way when we learn other "guru"'s style.

I also got a new friend name Justin "J10". his drawing is awesome, and he is a really nice person. he is an artist too, and I thank him for the advice. he encouraged me to update my deviantart and make friends with other artists. thanks Justin! :D
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