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Sailor Jupiter

I make this Sailor Series Fan Art as my admiration of Legendary Sailor Moon & Naoko Takeuchi's briliant idea. They were my childhood favorite manga and one of my inspiration in art. Together with that is the upcoming New Anime of Sailor Moon that will be broadcasted this year, and also their 20th Anniversary. =)

Drawing Sailor Jupiter was actually one of the hardest one. I feel that I make her face too harsh in this painting, while Mako's personality is so motherly yet protective & strong. I would like to hsare this to those of you who are the fan of this Strong Sailor =), Sailor Jupiter.
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Your Sailor series is absolutely awesome <3
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very nice your got nice art
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Oh yes!  Love Jupiter the brawler!!
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So pretty! I love the colors and her facial expression! +fav 
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*^* You did an awesome work with her, too!! So gorgeous **
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Woah... Just woah. Sailor Jupiter is my favorite Senshi, and I have a lot in common with her. But there's one thing she has and I don't: people who make amazing fan art of her.
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Thanks PrincessofEternity , hahaha, so you also likes to cook then?=)
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I don't mind cooking much, I'm not like Makoto in THAT mindset. I'm more into baking than cooking! Besides, I don't think she writes fanfiction either. Another thing to set me and her apart... ^_^
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Sailor Jupiter has always been my fav! and now that you have made her look so pretty...its just awesome! :)
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Samantha-10 Thank you for your kind words =) Glad that it is loved by Sailor Jupiter's lovely fan =)
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Aww thanks! :D right back at ya' :)
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She is absolutely lovely!  :love:
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Beautiful, her eyes are such a gorgeous shade of green, they really stand out :heart:
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I love the misty feeling in the painting.
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