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August 3, 2019
Remnants by GabrielGajdos
Featured by cosmicbound
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I had this idea for quite a while and I finally made it. The planet pieces are 3D rendered, the rest is Photoshop.Then I realized its almost the same as Greg Martins 'Shattered' :D so its not intentional, but perhaps it influenced me subconsciously. If only I knew how my mind works. Well anyway I hope you will like it! :)

stocks used: Hameed wolfworx
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Very nice picture, awesome.....

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breathtaking, i can imagine myself inside the scenery 
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thank you very much :)
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For what it's worth, I like this better than 'Shattered'.

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omg thank you very much!!! :)
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Now there's a thought.

Planetary remnants that still show some part of the curve are a staple in sci-fi, and given how vast the universe is and how it seems relatively easy for stellar bodies to form, they probably exist somewhere out there - although of course, too small to observe with our current instruments. But just what sort of phenomenon might split a planet so? Asteroids and comets are too small to cause this sort of damage, and gravitational influence seems more likely to gradually pulverize a planet completely over time.
Perhaps fragments as these are most likely to come of moons or dwarf planets, which generally have proportionally thick crusts and are found in cluttered neighbourhoods. "Cluttered" of course being to mean that a collision with something of comparable force is like randomly shooting a bullet out of the air, but not impossible.

Never given that much thought before. Good art should inspire.
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I thought couple of things, some of them might be too 'sci-fi' though. I thought gravitational influence as well, perhaps the star grew to red giant and the planet couldnt hold it any longer. Perhaps there was some explosion nearby and the planet was caught in that. Perhaps the inhabitants were drilling too far and the core got unstable (sci-fi). Or perhaps it was just a collision with a rouge planet or bigger asteroid :) Thank you very much! :)
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Thought of the gravitational destruction as well, but it seemed unlikely that the large fragments would have escaped the pull. But now that you mention it, on second thought perhaps the largest fragment would also have been more likely to slingshot intact?

Perhaps that is one of the reasons no objects like this have been sighted yet? That the conditions which create them also launch them at immense speed and into deep space, quickly out of areas of interest in the night sky.
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A collision of large enough size on the opposite side of the planet could, conceivably at least, knock these sort of sections loose.
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It sounds unlikely, but certainly conceivable. It would require force precise enough to blast a chunk free without pulverizing it, and at the same time powerful enough to launch it into orbit. Could very well happen.
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It's our last, best hope.
; )
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Hey the same thing happens to me too! I just try and keep it on the downlow and hope nobody notices. Anyways looks great! Sometimes 3d+photoshop looks a little weird to me but this piece looks great!
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yea it happened quite a few times to me too haha :D thank you very much! :)
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The textures and atmosphere you create are incredible!
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Tasty texture work on the planet shards!
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