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Im trying new things. How are you guys?
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I swear I can see movement....drifting..... Fantastic visual!

Hi Gabriel,

Is it possible to pay you to use this for an album cover?

the entire planet is structured like a great hive, wonderful

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the detail on this hive thing is amazing i like it amazing job

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is it the first step of an invasion ?

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could be, or it might already be over :)

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Reminds me of Destiny and the Hive.

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hmm never played it


Your Art seems depicting an infinite and eerie reality establishing our lives. I agree to.

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thank you very much :)


Very cool image. This reminds me of a script idea I had about an alien species that used specialized space ships as containers for their dead--space-faring cemeteries--and one of them crashes on Earth.

It opens and legions of alien zombies come flooding out of it and we have to fight back. Was going to be like Independence Day meets Dawn of the Dead.

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Oh thats a cool idea, maybe you could write a short story out of it! Thank you :)

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