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a little Star Wars fan art, took me 10-15 hours. I hope you like it! :)

asteroid stocks are by hameed
Star Destroyers are by Ansel Hsiao

my facebook page:…
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Little excessive for that many executors, don’t you think?

I only say that not because it’s overkill, but because they are capital ships: if one of them gets blown up, it’s not going to be easy to replace, for one big reason: money. During World War 1, neither Britain nor Germany wanted to commit their fleets of battleships (called dreadnoughts at the time) to battle because of the risks of loosing them being too great. Submarines and mines and smaller destroyers where a constant threat to them. Even today, ever since after World War 2, Aircraft Carriers are capital ships because of the tremendous cost of producing a ship with so much firepower. Hence why you usually don’t find one on its own, but usually see them with escort ships designed to counter specific threats like aforementioned submarines, missiles, and aircraft. (Carrier battle groups) Like I said though, if you lose a capital ship, good luck trying to replace it without the necessary funds.

Edit: What I said above does not even going into the personnel costs of capital ships, and the remaining cost of supplies: food, water, munitions, etc. Basically, the cost needed to crew the ship, the upkeep of both ship and crew, etc. Part of why you don’t see many capital ships at all. Those that do have them have very few numbers of them.

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You are talking about a universe where they build 2 space stations big as a moon, I think they dont really care about money there. Plus you are looking on a picture without context, it could easily be just a fake dream, artificial vision, hologram or whatever. Learn to enjoy things a bit more.

Fair enough. I didn’t say I disliked the picture, I’ll just shut up.

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OMG is it Pluto on the bottom??
So cool!!!
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yes nice catch :D thank you!

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beautiful art!

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Super star destroyers
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not mine, credited in description :)

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I really love this one, the mood in it is so... eery and star wars-y mixed together. Damn those ships look sexy as well.
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Oooh my.  Absolutely beautiful.  I love star destroyers.  I am mesmerized at how sexy this picture is. Awesome job!
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You've replied to a comment not the actual post he won't see this.
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im happy you like it, thanks! :)
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Really nice!
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Looks amazing, I wish it's little bit bigger resolution so it can be used as wallpaper. great work! :)
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it wouldnt look good if you would just rotate it for a wallpaper, the composition would be off, but in fact I am thinking about making the wallpaper version, so perhaps ... :D and thanks! :)
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Pecka. Jen dotaz - ty lodě máš od něho povolené použít? Aby jsi z toho neměl průšvih. Jinak fakt super práce
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jasne, v tomto smere som vysporiadany, dokonca vravel ze sa mu vysledok velmi paci, co sa ma dost tesi :D dikyyy! :)
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Awesome work mate!
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