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Jean Leon Gerome 4 Windows 7

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Hello everyone! It's been some time since my last post, 'cause my PC just went to hell... I made myself a Frankenstein and it's doing great... Let's see if it's going to hold up!

Anyway... I made this Jean León Geróme theme some time ago when I was reading the Al'quran and researching into islamic related arts. I got really impressed with the scenes he painted and decided to make this theme with some images I found all over the net.

Sorry if some of them are a little poor quality, but I had to deal with what I got.

Hope y'all like it!

Monet: [link]

Renoir: [link]

Delacroix: [link]
Jean León Geróme in Wikipedia: [link]
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oh my God! this is beyond art. i can believe what im seeing. plz advise us little bit Master!
i need to know everything about ur style , tools , cmon i m in love now, dont leave me! this drove me crazy, u r the doctor! heal me! i m going to see ur whole works, i hope they'll drive me lunatic too. Thank you, i dont know how to express my feelings but u may!
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At that time exotic topics where 'in' - the other side are the symbolists and modern art like Cezanne's...
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Al Salam Alikom

Great theme mate