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Delacroix 4 Windows 7

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Delacroix theme for Windows 7. BTW, this is not a Coldplay theme, ok?

Images from Web Gallery of Art: [link]

Monet: [link]

Renoir: [link]
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<font><font>enfin un qui sort de l'ordinaire</font></font>
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Finally sum1 who doesn't associate it to Coldplay(>.<), greate choice ;)
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I really like your themes, i find'em awesome ! Thanks for sharing !
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You haven't made any changes in anything except for the wallpaper. Whats go great about it? I made a .themepack a couple of weeks ago and I bet mine is a lot better than yours, at least I made a few changes in this and that.
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Sorry 'bout that man, but by the title you should've figured out that it wasn't supposed to be anything so original.

BTW, there's a lot of people who can't make such an easy thing. So, I enjoy doing it and they like to use.

Please, respect everyone (including me, that spent time on that) and go brag 'bout your artistic skill in your own post.
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I do respect everyone, I wasn't bragging. I dont have any real skill. I was just saying that its a bit ordinary and you didn't change anything but the wallpapers, I changed a few things in my .themepack thats all I was saying. Here, you can download it and comment if you want [link]
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Heard that one before. 'Till Deviantart figure out were to put Windows 7 themes, I'll keep it here.
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Windows 7 themes go to:
Customization > Skins > Windows 7
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The Gallery "Customization>Skins>Windows 7 Utilities" has no subdvision, so it makes more sense to put in the generic "Windows" Gallery, inside the especific "Visual Style". 'Til they come up with the "Visual Style" gallery inside "Windows 7", I'll maintain it here. Tnx.
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The "Windows 7 Utilities" group should be understood to be all utilities and files for Windows 7 including .themepack files.

This Visual Styles category should contain mainly for XP Visual Style files, not a generic category for all Windows themes. This is a .themepack, and therefore inappropriate for this category now that a category for Windows 7 was created. And it was probably created for the purpose of moving such Windows 7 .themepack files off from this category. deviantArt will probably not create a specific category for "Themes" until more categories for other Windows 7 specific things are thought up.

Personally, I would wish not to see any Windows 7 "themes" in this section, and I feel that others believe similarly.

Please move this and your other themes to the appropriate section. Thank you Gabriel.
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Did the modifications as you suggested. Now in "Customization > Skins > Windows 7 Utilities". Tnx.
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