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Transformer Muscle Car Animation

Flash animation Transformer Muscle car.
Illustrator & flash CS5.5.
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WOW YES Great work this is super cool.
Interesting music choice too.
The robot design is a little awkward in some places but there's some actual enginerring involved it seems and I dig it regardless.
Nice work.
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Thanks! Let me know specifically what you would have done differently. I am always looking t improve...
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Honestly I would've gone and made the design more complicated XD
The transformation itself is fine, but the arms and feet feel a bit lackluster. More detail and more colours would have improved the more basic geometry. The nice thing about the little details is that you can do whatever you want with them; it's one olf my favourite parts with designing robots and stuff. I'd have probably made some peices more complicated, like the chest piece, during the transformation to try to combat the excess blatant car pieces.

Of course, I don't know your art style so much yet and I also don't know what style you were going for this character. I could assume you went with a more G1-ish basic fun look over the modernized Micheal Bay look, and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever if that's what you were going for, because you aced it. I prefer the more complicated stuff myself, however, which is why I would've gone that direction myself.

Another thing I noticed was your animation style. It seems to have been organized in "steps" by looking at the staggering if the movement. This doesn't look bad either and is kind of fun; it adds it's own unique "flow" to the process.

I'll look at some of your other works to get a better idea of how you work.
Again, great job, and sorry if my feedback blows.
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Yeah for sure, if I made one today, It would be more complex and more detailed. I've always wanted to make a modern Sideswipe, run, jump, transform, race, jump, run, cycle... but too busy with life... : (
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I hear yah man. Life must go on. Nothing wrong with keeping a hobby goin', though.