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December 20, 2015
In Oblivion by Gabriel-BS
Featured by cinyu
Suggested by ErikShoemaker
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In Oblivion

Hello there people, so it was some time ago I did space art... Anyhow, this is commissioned work for a friend of mine. He first ordered an epic scene (which you can see here:… ), and then he ordered another more epic and doomsday rendition of that same scene (which you see here above).

The images was commissioned to act as a background for his personal project where he created a science fiction inspired soundtrack, check it out here:…

Edit 2015-12-22: So here I've been gone for a couple of days and when I get back I "notice" that I've got a new Daily Deviant. So thank you ErikShoemaker for the suggestion and cinyu for featuring me! :bow:
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Your work is amazing! I so dig space art.
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Really cool work. Love the colours and composition. Well done!
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This Art is amazing, im really impressed with all your work and im really interested in doing art following your style, is there any tips you can give me to help me improve? Because this is seriously good!
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Hey Ed! Thank you for your kind words! :)

There are a lot of tutorials and free content that can help you already giving tips and tricks on how to create space art. Though I think what's more valuable is to actually understand what makes an image look good or not. Analyse different images and analyse your own work and be self critical. Try to understand what you like in some images, and then cheat by copying it! It can actually be very good practise to copy things and try and understand why this works or not. When I look at your art I feel like you need to get a better understanding of fundamentals, perspective, colour and light, composition etc. How can you use these things to convey depth, convey a feeling, set up a scene and so on. So first... learn all the rules. And once you know all the rules - forget them. That's when you can begin designing and creating your own universes and sceneries!

Then the "tips" I can give you is to know your tools (software i.e) and what they are capable of. Textures and the size of them will help convey scale. Lens flares and glowing things are just a cheat to hide all your mistakes ;)

It's difficult to just "teach" through a comment and even though I can give you some tips it will still be a learning process with a lot of patience and work needed from your part!
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You are very welcome, they are great pieces.

Wow thank you, this is a lot to work on... So when you say free content what are you suggesting by that? different brush types? I do try to be self critical, but that is not really enough for me, to me it is good art for my standard and i always try to improve on it, but when and where i am unsure.
Ok I am geting to grips at the moment with a free software called my paint, it doesnt offer much in terms of brush customization etc so a lot what can be done is not yet available... Do you mind if i ask you what type of software and hardware you use? if any of course! 

i understand it is difficult, but honestly it is something :) So thank you pal, this has been a great help
GabrielBStiernstrom's avatar
There's a lot of people on YouTube for example who stream, teach and talk about artwork and the concept art/illustration industry. TO NAME A FEW (There are soooo many more):

FZD School (Feng Zhu)  |  ArtCafé (Maciej Kuciara)  |  Brushboost (Marc Brunet)  |  LevelUp (Darek Zabrocki, Wojtek Fus & Jonas De Ro)  |  Robot Pencil (Anthony Jones)  |  Ahmed Aldoori  |  Ben Mauro  |  James Zapata

As I said, there are sooo many more. Many of these people also sell and teach art courses, it's always nice to see if the artist have a Gumroad. Otherwise watch their websites, other places they ypload their portfolios, ArtStation is a great place where artist are also able to upload the making of their images in the same "upload" which makes it easy to find.
Brushes... don't worry about brushes, a "good brush" will not make you understand color, light, composition, perspective and so on. But sure, if that's what you are interested in, many artists give their brushes away for free. Google their name and "brushes". Apart from that there are a lot of great books to help you, James Gurney's Color and light is great. Art Fundamentals by 3DTotal is also a good book.

My suggestion to you is to draw in black and white. Don't think about the colour, but just about the levels in the image. Also remember that normally, nothing in the picture can be brighter than your lightsource(s). For example clouds may be of the colour white, the grass may be green, and the ocean may be blue. But that doesn't mean that clouds are whitewashed and the grass is neon-green... mostly it's quite desaturated and has more yellow in it to be honest. And the ocean is probably not blue during the sunset, water is reflective... the ocean could be dark, desaturated or red.

Personally I use Photoshop and have been doing so for the start! I also use Autodesk Maya for 3D-stuff... and a sketchbook, pens and my camera. Always try to learn new stuff too!

Hope this was of some help!
Eddyb1207's avatar
oh wow, brilliant ahah i got a lot of reading up to do XD

i really cant say much apart from a massive thank you, this is going to be a great help to me... Good luck on your future projects!
I will be following to see how they go :))

Thank you once again mate!
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Congrats on your well deserved DD!  :star: :clap:
GabrielBStiernstrom's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug: :)
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great work !!

regards Bernd
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Beautiful work, and well deserved DD! Love the addition of Aurora Borealis among other small details. Very nicely done.
GabrielBStiernstrom's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad that you like it! :)
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Absolutely! You're welcome. :)
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So cinematic. :)
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