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Foundation Trilogy - The Mule




I recently had the incredible pleasure of working for the Spanish Sci-Fi publisher Nova and Penguin Random House for their illustrated edition of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. I was asked to do 11 illustrations apart from the one illustration I already had from the universe and it was one of the absolute most enjoyable collaborations I had! I was almost allowed 100% creative freedom and I cannot thank the publishers and the people there enough for their fantastic collaboration and trust they put in me.

I was under a tight schedule while making these as the deadline was in early-mid January, especially considering that I already work a full time job and that Christmas and new years was happening in the middle of it as well. I had incredible support from my family and friends to finish this in time and although with a bit more time I would have done some things differently, I'm very pleased with the output.


EDIT: Because of the stupid shit of AI-generated art I've watermarked the picture and shrunk its size.
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Asimov's character "The Mule" is an example of how to play a passive aggressive victim card Protest routine of "hear me roar I have been shit upon" to wimp out of work and responsibility as in the "Bantam" dramatized books he has a Peter Lorrie voice of an injured tone for "heavy metallic music' played upon a "visi-sonar" illustrated by Whelan.

Similar to 1940s "Astounding" so it will be interesting what "AppleTV+" Production of "Foundation" is going to have.

It also reminds me of how my mother raised by eugenics acted masculine to crave raw Physical Political Power and sunlight having gone through a Potassium Phosphate shortage famine fascism of 1935 to 1945 while I raised by Hippie riots acted feminine to avoid serfdom of Poverty causing sunlight having gone through stagflation of a 1969 to 1977 fuel shortage rationing of being herded upon mass rail transit of a dystopian Asimov's bathroom metaphor.