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The Devil is Cold

this small one's just for the fun of it.

hope you like old movie titles.


recommended soundtrack: Rammstein's Sonne
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Gotta love that stiff pose of the Devil :heart:
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thank you :D (it's gotta keep its head up high, that old master of pride)
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I like Rammstein.

I read a story in Flaming Carrot comics called "Death gets Drunk". was supposed to be like an old movie title. Death gets drunk when some gangsters try to poison him (after shooting him to no avail).
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Death gets Drunk? sound fun. it reminds me of Pratchett's writings about the old chap. you read Pratchett? i love his style.
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no, is he from Monty Python? :)
I've been reading a lot of stuff by Bruce Sterling. his short stories.
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Err, forgot to reply to this. :-O Sorry.

So, no, Pratchett is not one of the Python guys, but he's certainly British, just like them, with a similar sense of humour. He writes mostly fantasy parodies that are often better, way better than the originals they're based on (though there are tributes to Shakespearean plays and such among his novels as well, in which case of course that's not true), witty, deep and wickedly funny. You should definitely give a try to a book or two by the man. You'd like them, I'm almost sure. :nod:
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nice handwriting, by the way.
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thanks, by the way. :D
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