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Cthulhu Smokes Dreaming

By gaborcsigas
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An exercise in surreal digital book cover design and photomanipulation.

The book - Cthulhu Smokes Dreaming - does not exist, as far as I know... at least I haven't written one titled so. But who knows what might happen (or might have happened) in the Lovecraftian Dreamlands? :psychotic:

Source stock photography by


Free fonts by Misprintedtype.

Brushes by Misprintedtype and Angryblue.


Comments are welcome.

Also, if you read the book I haven't written yet, drop me a note... here at dA. ;)
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© 2006 - 2021 gaborcsigas
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thanks, I'm glad you think so.
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It's a very imaginative idea. Great work.
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thanks. I'm really glad you think so. :nod:

(...and sorry about the very late reply. )
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No prob. I don't always get to my own cmments in a timely manner either and I do like the work very much. :D
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ok... i don't know how to translate *ANTI-TABACO*, but i think this is the best pic i've ever seen about it... great !! =o
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thank you! :nod: (I think anti-tabaco is simply anti-tobacco in English :))
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and i thank you :D
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and my pleasure.. :D
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thank you, i'm glad you think so. :nod:
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Hail The Great Old One!:worship:
Spreading the gospel of Cthulhu and :beer:beer throughout dA! :mwahaha:
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absolutely amazing. as crazy as cthulhu itself!
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thanks very much, in the name of the great old one as well :)
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jááá ez nagyon ott van :)
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love the position of the text, nice colours too, the blending's really effective too =)

well done

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thank you, i'm glad you liked it and am especially happy you've appreciated the typo as well, not just the manip :nod:
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