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Questions from Finjix:

1. Suddenly Batman crashes in through your window and wants to bring you on an adventure. What do you say?

Why does USA has many superheroes???

2. DC or Marvel?

Both... I think

3. Praise the sun!

Winter is coming!

4. Freedom is the right of...

coffee xDD

5. Tacos or pizza?


6. Batman or Superman?

Spiderman xDDDDD

7. Which one of my characters is your favourite?

Monova, WAL-G, LAS-E (and the old WALL-G and LASS-E)

8. Michael Bay...

Ööööh? What about him?

9. What do you think of Sweden?

A beautiful Nordic country... Ja, I want to travel to Stockholm again!

10. Who would win between Batman and Galactus?


11. Who would win between Batman and Darkseid?

Fantomen (The Phantom) xD

12. TV Tropes?


13. Suddenly, Tacos!

With salmon xD
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Haha funny answers xD