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So I dunno; what do you guys think? Is it annoying when people move accounts?

I love all of the art here on this one, and the comments and all of my watchers and everything, but I am really tired of being called "Gab Furry" -- it's Gab /FURY/ as in RAAAAAEEEGGGG. But maybe it doesn't matter all that much in the end, especially since I do draw quite a bit of the animals/anthro stuff. Hmmm!

Do you guys have any input? The name I would switch to is :icongabapple: - which happens to be what I go under in all of my new things, including my portfolio.

If I did switch, it'd be in the next month or so since my paid time is running out here... so it'd be good timing!
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I think it would be more annoying to yourself vs anyone else. All we have to do is click the watch button again :3 I would say it is a personal decision as to which name you like better.

For the record... I always thought it was fury ^^;
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It's not as furious. X3
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If you do move, don't delete your old account or art, just leave it up but with a notice about your new location. I saw one artist that did it this way and it was actually nice that they didn't force everybody to lose all their favorites and stuff.
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Yeah, if I did, I would leave everything here exactly the same. I hate when people delete their archives of art. ;_; So I would definitely just add a notice to my journal and my latest upload to let people know, then I guess abandon the account...? Only I'd still probably check it once in a while. Hmm!
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I think it's entirely up to you, but a lot of folks do get annoyed at having to watch a new account and if you don't lose commissions, you may at least lose watchers.
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You definitely have a point. :|

Though I wonder if it isn's worth it to consolidate all of my accounts under one name. I mean, my gmail address is gabapple, my portfolio is, all of my forum usernames are gabapple now... hmmmm
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But Deviant Art was made before sites like MySpace and Facebook so to change your name would change the URL and that would drive peopel nuts having to change everything
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Yeah, well, they won't change your name anyway. :( you ALWAYS have to create a new account and tell people to go watch it. Which is stupid, IMO.
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I run in to that problem alot because I created this account years ago and for some reason I was told it wasn't a good idea to use the same name to often.

I have often wanted to make a new account so it can be TheburningDonut/ and it won't confuse people.
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Hmmm....maybe it can go several ways Gab Fury.

Gab as into talk alot, scream, holler, yellow, or move your mouth about.
Gab as in Gabriel the angel (interesting icon.)

Fury as in hurricane.
Fury as in the mythological beast
Fury as in rage or anger out of control
Fury as in an airplane
Fury as in a state of mind.

Actually there are alot of ways your name goes.

I just used a pun name called Tribble-Industries for my account.
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I really liked the name/idea at first. :) I thought Gab Fury sounded so rad and edgy. But I got kind of worn down when I kept hearing "Gab FURRRY DUURRRr MURRRR"

and I was like: ...what.
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Maybe you need something with a little more bang! With your ICON...hmmm?
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Hmm, a difficult decision for you… I can see exactly why you’d want to move. I agree that being misnamed is seriously annoying; especially after you weren’t able to get the name you wanted in the first place. It’s for the same reason why I came up with alterative versions of my screen name.

What exactly are you planning to do? Leave everything you’ve already uploaded here and simply stop using it, or transfer everything over to the new account?

I personally think you could use both, since owning an account is free. You could upload select art to each account. Then you could change whichever one you want to be your ‘master’ account should you ever change your mind.

As long as you tell everyone where you’ve moved to, I don’t see why moving accounts should be a problem for anyone who watches you - fans follow like sheep. :P
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Yeah, if I do move, I'll leave this archive completely untouched (though I'd log in to check it once in a while). I hate missing favs and whatever, plus I love to preserve history of progress. The new account would have just new stuff - don't see a point in reuploading everything.

But then I've got all of these watchers and favorites and comments and stuff... built up a decent enough following... hmmmmmmmmm.

I'd hope that people would follow me, anyway. Hm. Maybe I should start using the other account, too... and see how it goes.
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I read it first as FURY (rage) because, frankly, that's what it IS. :shrug:
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YAY :D Well awesome then!
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I believe you can contact DA and they can change your name without you changing should check into that. :XD:
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The last couple of times that I've contacted them about it, they've told me that they can't change the name. :( Which is dumb because a lot of other places let you change without any problem at all...
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Hmph....maybe they did for awhile and stopped...because I heard from a few people that have heard the same thing and on or two that did have it changed...but of course eI don't remember who they were. ^^; It's a conspiracy!!!
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Switching accounts is confusing and might cost you some commissions, if people didn't realize that you switched names and now can't find you again when they want to buy I think you should stick with what you've got.

Maybe change your icon to be a picture of you fuming and catching on fire. FURY.

(I'm gonna be honest, when I first saw the name "Gabfury" I thought you meant Gab Furry, but that maybe the name was taken, so you shortened it down to "fury". You do draw a lot of anthros, so it makes sense...)
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Really, the fury came from when I would try to register 'Gab' places and it was never available, so I was ANGRY about it. ;) Man, all of these years...

And this is true. Though if I did move, I'd make my last upload and journal entry about the move and where they could find me. Also, I don't really plan on taking on any more commissions* because my to-do list is forever long and I want to get them all DONE.

* though I realize that I will probably change my mind later so I guess I can't make any promises anyway...
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