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Anime Vegas

Did this a few months ago for Anime Vegas [link] - an anime convention in Las Vegas. Go figure. :) This was the art they used on their pre-reg cards (which you can still get!!! go go go) this year. Pretty awesome.

I plan on being there - will you? It's September 4th-6th and promises to be totally awesome. The guest list is AMAZING.

Seriously. Jerry Jewell. Colleen Clinkenbeard. You know. JIMMY AND RACHEL. From CASE CLOSED/Detective Conan. ...Oh and like, tons of other really amazing VAs!

I am beyond stoked.

The logo is theirs and I created the characters (ho ho ho, do you get the subtle reference there?). SAI and Photoshop FTW.
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o.o....*.* holy crap!! it's a mix between aoko and kaito. i see a kid hat
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She's totally a KID reference.

And the tiger is a certain little detective... ;)
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lawl I live in vegas so I'm bound to go..........but sadly I didn't pre-reg in time, so I has to go wait in line for registration to open XP
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So sad! I guess you didn't get a postcard, then. :( But it will still be awesome!
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nope but hey once I get that badge on Sat. all will be well! ^^
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I shall be there...hopefully I can meet you!!! WONDERFUL artwork!!
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Thank you so much!! ^_^
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You're welcome! Will you have a booth at Vegas in Artist' Alley?
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Nope, not this year... I wish. :) Maybe next time. I think my badge will say 'Gabapple' on it, though!
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Wah! I didn't know you guys were going, or else I totally would have. :C Unfortunately, it's at the same time as PAX, and I've already committed to volunteering there.
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Aww! I am sorry. We will need to find another convention to meet up at. >_<; Why do I have to be so poor? Otherwise, I would totally go to PAX or .. just Washington in general.

Maybe things will work out for FC this year. Maybe. :(
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I still really like this. :) Nice style- anime yet personal. The tiger's adorable and the hair shinies are so well done! Glad they used this!
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WAaah.... I want to go! >.< I follow Jerry Jewel around just to hear him talk like Jimmy. :D
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