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Star Wars Galaxy 5

Here are some of my cards done for Topps' Galaxy 5 series.

A mix of characters/moments from the originals and prequels, these were a lot of fun to work on.

Completed in marker, ink, acrylics, and coloured pencils.
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Long live the Sith!
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These are absolutely outstanding. Wonderful details and colours!:)
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SO COOL, I wish I was more of fan of Starwars than I really am, Its the same for Startreck If only Id been around earlier and longer I guess!
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The detail is incredible!
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Nice, I love the prequel Obi-wan and the bounty hunters in the middle.
It's amazing with you're able to create with markers and pencils!
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Awesome "piece". I'm a watcher since last year, but I've never had the time to comment on your pieces so far. If I'd have I'd fav all your gallery cause you're one of the greatest traditional artists in my eye, with style, details, colours everything. Not to mention you simply choose the same topics to draw which I do/would do all the movies you draw - I love them. Oh well, the point is I love your whole work, and it gives me a great inspiration to improve mine.
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Thank you, I'm very humbled by the kind words, Zsolt! Your support truly means a lot!
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gorgeous drawings, instant fav & watch!
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wow man!!! :O this very nice
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This is amazing! I'm so glad that you have Grievous and Maul in it. Is there a way I could buy some prints of these? In a size bigger than the cards.
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this is really freakin awesome work... and i think it is sooo awesome that you did this without a computer... u sir r a master worker of drawings
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Many thanks for the kind words!
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Ey, man.. I look at this picture, thought: Come on.. a collage..

Look closely and: BAAAAAAAM! You are a genius! PLease keep making such great Pictures. Got a new fan over here ;-) also the scenes you picked were good... thanks for making that
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Many thanks for the kind words! I truly appreciate it! :D
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Nicely done, and expert use of the double card images! It's great too see them all together.
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Thank you very much!
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YOU HAVE BEEN FEATURED IN MY JOURNAL THIS WEEK!:iconlovepinkplz::iconlovepinkplz::iconlovepinkplz::iconlovepinkplz::iconlovepinkplz:
definitely outstanding
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These are great! I especially love the Princess Leia one! Imagine that!
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