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Joker costumes

With it being Halloween and people dressing up as Joker, I decided to draw his different costumes worn throughout TDK:
Bank Robber, Cop, Nurse, and Clown Prince of Crime.

Happy Halloween :pumpkin:

Coloured pencils on chipboard

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Hey there I am looking to get a tattoo of three batman jokers doing hear no evil see no evil speak no evil I preferably would like ceaser romero joker speak no, Heath ledger in the middle doing hear no and jack nicolson doing see no. If this is possible and u are interested I will soon be getting it tattooed on myself and will post updates thanks
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Amazing! Great job! Perfect Clown Prince of crime!:) (Smile) 
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The colors fit perfectly. Epic drawing! :) (Smile) 
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Great drawing, worthy of a poster!

My Joker Drawing:…
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This is awesome!!
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Cool drawing, can i put this in an article about joker fan art?
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I want a print of this!!
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OMG! Nurse Joker's face is PERFECT!


*Laughing right now, excuse me*

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This is really awesome!
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Wow. Amazing work! Simply fantastic!!! :iconluvluvplz: How old are you? :love: :painter: :pencil: :heart:
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It's briliant:) Great Job:w00t!:
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Glad you like it! :)
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amazing work! i did a acryllic on joker, going to upload it in the future. it's the best painting i've ever done, imo. love this one though, great work!!
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how do u draw that with color pencil
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This is stunning work - especially the profile shot of him in the police uniform. Love it :)
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