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Indiana Jones - expressions

Just some classic expressions of everyone's favourite archeologist. :D

Coloured pencils
Brown paper
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wonderful ! the expressions makes it alive omfg 
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Amazing! Congratulations!! :) 
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I love this great job.
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Indiana-Time-Rider's avatar
Wow this is awesome!
GabeFarber's avatar
Thank you for all the kind words! I appreciate it!
Indiana-Time-Rider's avatar
You're welcome! :) Great work deserves it!
Wo-olverine's avatar
It's sooo amazing!
Sweenart's avatar
Amazing drawing...are they Derwent pencils ?
GabeFarber's avatar
They are indeed!
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Amazing, you should do more of this, raider stuff. amazing, new desktop backround.
S-T-A-N-Z-I-E's avatar
I loved the new film I was dead impressed, alot of people dont waa. "YOUR A TEACHER? (which Indi then replys with-) Part time" its so cool.
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I like it so much! :D
Oh wow now we're talking, Indiana jones is a classic and ive never seen anyone capture the character as good as this, I can't get over just HOW GOOD this piece is!
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You have been featured here:

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awesome stuff you have here!
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Thanks for checking it out!
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I love this! It's just perfect :3
HtoTheHIZZAY's avatar
You gotta love Indy!!

This is really frickin' awesome. You really captured his expression:D awesome job!!!
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that's fantastic. i like it when people draw the odder looks of people from movies, video games, tv, etc. as apposed to the typical look they have.
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Glad you like it!
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lol.. not the typical Indy looks... very good!
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