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Hi ! Quick reminder that you can check out my webcomic called Friends You Are Stuck With right here:

It's aimed to be a situational comedy comic about seven friends living under the same roof and all of their misadventures, set in a universe entirely populated by animal people. It uploads every Monday and Thursday. So go check it out, maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it. There's only one way to find out, heding to

We're also on twitter as
Yeah ... the tittle kinda spoils it ... Anyway, I´m on Twitter ! My username is "Gabe_Bold" (aparently GabeBold was alreay taken) or you could just click here an you´ll find me.

In there I will post my art, sketches, rants and more ! Feel free to follow ... or not, I mean, Im not your boss or anything

Ok, see you later !
One of my resolutions fot this 2015 was to make at least one pic for each month. So far we have JAN GOLAZO ! by GabeBold Feb Good music and cheap beer by GabeBold March At the party by GabeBold, April Beach nights by GabeBold and May Feeling the Beat by GabeBold, and I need your help, maybe you have some cool ideas of what I could draw with my characters.

These are not requests, and I´m only drawing SFW stuff and I´m not really that into fant art, but maaaaaybe you have great ideas of what I could do. One of my goals is to -someday- have my own webcomic, so I need to practive my style and ... well, make it my own. So go ahead, why not give me some recommendations of what to draw. Or you could ignore this ... I mean, Im not your boss.
Whaaaaaaat ! Last time I wrote one of these was for celebrating 100 pageviews and now ... 10 times that, thank you for come and visit my profile (ALSO you should check out my gallery and why not, go and leave some comments ! ... or not)

I have to say, I was expecting to reach 1K before my first year here, but it doesn´t even matter ... And now that we touched that subject, I have one year here in DA !!! It´s been awesome, I have discover A LOT of new awesome artists, and I feel my drawing skills have improve.

Again, thank you for passing by !
Wow 100 pageviews (thatīs a good thing ... right ?), thank you for comming by and well ... view my stuff. Thanks !