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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 1:45 PM


time - time - time - I need more of it!!!

After I was on Faceoff I had a lot of time to wait until they made the cast announcement public... so during that time I finally sat down and forced myself to sort through years and years of photos and put a website together.

I had been meaning to do it for years anyway and as the hours... days... weeks passed while building it I thought "YAY now I can easily update it when I do a creature"....

Ummm that's not how it has gone... at all. In fact life right now has been keeping me so far far away from my pc (and I DO miss being online!!)

So I had a couple days here and decided to force myself to once again sit and go through a ton of photos.

YAY to that...


NOW I need to update/add some art here! :P and Facebook and HRE and LG and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr...sigh...


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HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
Oh wow wait, you were on Faceoff? O_O I watch that show here! I only recently found out about it though! Sorry I'm a bit lost in terms of time and my brain is slow on the processing, was it a recent thing or was it a while back? Like I said I didn't know the show before, but me and my mother enjoy it a lot! As I read this journal I literally jolted and scared her and I gave kind of a lightning-speed catch up "YouremembertheladyI'vetalkedforsomeyearswhohasadaughtermyageandlikesNightwishandmakessomeawesomecosplays? She was on Faceoff!"
ahah yeah
So we'd love to see you there!
I do hope you manage to find a little break to update stuff everywhere you need :) best regards, hope everything else is as good as possible with you and your family :)
GabbyLeithsceal Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015

No worries on time tracking (im super guilty of it myself) LOL ya I was on season 7 - not my finest hour - I didn't get to sculpt and every negative thing I could think of was in my head LOL but what an experience esp when it was my friends who talked me into trying out! I did lose my job of 8 years to do it but I would do it all again. I have always been so scared of everything and even tho I am "old" I think I finally grew up -- no no - grew into being me in the last year.

You know the BEST part about this post... you sound happy!! You sound like you did when we first started talking (in the way back :P )
I hope you have found peace from the past few years hon.

much <3 !!
HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
I have no idea which series of Faceoff is currently airing here, I'll see if I find out. Ah I'm sorry it didn't go as well as it could :( And seriously, you had to quit your job because of it? Ah I hope you were able to find a new one fast! But you do seem to be happy with the experience so that's good :) It does look like quite a good place to be and learn from when you're in that business and understand/like the whole characterization world, so I definately agree if was nice for you to have the chance to go there. How were the judges btw? I find them a bit harsh sometimes, but the blonde lady in particular does have oscars and all doesn't she? (can't really remember what the other two judges's particular achievements) and I do like the style of the judge with the tattoos, he's quite interesting looking.
I'm glad it was such a nice experience to go through and that it was part of you growning up to being you :)

ah thank you :) but I am afraid that that happy impression is 'text illusion' :) I am indeed better now, either more peaceful or simply more 'I don't care much' for now, but I haven't been having the best time lately. But like I said, I am better now :) The inconstancy of everything is my usual and I'm used to that one way or another

I hope everything's as well as it can! :hug:
GabbyLeithsceal Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015
Well... I didn't quit - they laid me off - but I knew leaving for 3 months to pursue something I love would probably cause that and I have an amazing hubby who supports my dreams. 
I miss my paycheck very very much but in truth I don't miss the job. I haven't found another yet... but im not going to settle for a "job" I want to be a fit and I want it to be a fit for me. Also I am not in the best part of the US for the work I want to do, however my Hubby has a job that makes him smile and so we will stay here (after all the years of meh jobs he's had I can not even begin to think about taking that chance from him)

The judges may seem harsh but it's judges job to judge - in truth they are very helpful (a lot doesn't get shown) and they are very nice people. In particular I adore Neville Page. After I was cut he was just awesome.

Aww - ok I will take "better" cuz better is better :)

HoshisamaValmor Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
hm yeah but still, it's always complicated to go through that. But it's really good you have someone who cares and supports you so much :)

It's good that the judges were nice people then! Neville Page is the sir whom I didn't mention properly in the other reply. It's really great it was such an awesome experience for you :)
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