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Prince Nuada - Prince in Boots

This one is ALL about the BOOTS!!
They are 100% 3D... 
In the past the boots were a basic shape with a displacement map on them for the detail... these are fully sculpted! 
Every stitch, every lace, braid and carving. 
It took FOREVER and I LOVE them!!!

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The hard work was totally worth it - this rocks! (And I want his boots...)
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Thanks and lol who doesnt!
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Amazing doesn't cut it.  So, are you going to design a fashion line and start producing this stuff? You need a 3D printer that will make solid models for molding in leather. :D
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3d printer LOL - umm yaaa i have a story about that
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Wow, this is amazing. :)
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Mother of god  It is simple... oh, even everything lost words. I think I've fainted.   Gabby you are matchless! Worship 
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The detailing on the boots is fantastic!  You've done an amazing job with them.  And Nuada is, as always, gorgeous! (I'm quite taken by his hair in this one.  I like the way you've done it.)  :)
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